★ NEW SHOW: Polo Fields Golf & Country Club (Louisville)

Last Call Trivia

Trivia Thursdays at 6:00pm

Trivia Night Details

Last Call Trivia: Trivia Night
Day + Time: Thursdays at 6:00
Start Date: April 12th 2018

Prizes: $30, $20, $10

Bar Details

Name: Polo Fields Golf & Country Club

Address: 17001 Polo Fields Lane, Louisville KY 40245
Part of Town: Louisville
Phone: (502) 244-6688

Parking Info: Parking Lot

Weekly Hints

01.09 – 01.15 | Captain Marvel, General Zod, Lieutenant Dan, Majors, Marshall, Sargent, and Soldier Field

01.16 – 01.22 | Bentley, Benzene, Boil, Bone, Bonobos, Borneo, and Bosch

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