Our Favorite Moments from Ludimentis 2017

Welcome to Ludimentis 2017

As the escalators climb to the ballrooms at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, there is a tangible excitement in the air. Banners reading “LUDIMENTIS” are hung and balloons are scattered about. Friendly faces welcome team by team, helping them to sign in and get situated. A couple of teams gather at their tables hours early, just to prepare.

Players laugh and talk with one another, drinks in hand. They scope out their competition knowing that they could be sitting next to the team who will take home the grand prize at the end of it all. Or that it could be them.

As teams flood in, the anticipation becomes stronger. In the corners, there are workers and bartenders getting ready to serve a delicious assortment of snacks and drinks. People gather around the merch area, happy to buy Last Call Trivia t-shirts to rep their favorite trivia company, while also giving money toward an important cause, the Alzheimer’s Association.

Survivor Trivia

To start off the Ludimentis festivities, there is a special mini-game called Survivor Trivia – where it’s “every brain for itself”, as your favorite host, Adam Stone, says. Players flood to the tables at the front of the room, ready to get warmed up for the bigger event to come and for a chance to win huge cash prizes.

Survivor Trivia boasts a unique Trivia format. After each round, anyone who does not guess the correct answer is out of the game and must leave the area. As the questions go on, they get harder by the minute. Question by question, more and more people let out a defeated groan and hesitantly leave the area. Next thing you know, there are only two players left.

In an intense tie-breaker, with everyone watching the players in excited anticipation, they are faced with the most complex question yet. One player writes down an answer confidently. Time is ticking. Adam makes the “last call”, and the second player quickly scribbles down an answer. When he announces the answer, both players instantly know who wins. The two exchange a friendly handshake with great sportsmanship.

Congratulations to Shane for being the last man standing!

Last Call Feud – The Mini Game

Next up is one last mini-game – a Last Call Trivia favorite – Feud! Again, everyone rushes to the front of the room, but this time they stay standing. The crowd is excited for another fun game and yet another chance to win some cash. From the very first question, the energy is palpable. Arms quickly raised, eager to hand off their question to a Ludimentis Volunteer. Volunteers swiftly check their answers and run to the host stand with correct answers. It was chaos as players searched for someone to check their answer, paper after paper handed over, until it looked like no one would be a winner. Finally, the host shouts from the front of the room with the correct answer in his raised hand, “We have a winner! Congratulations to Steve Perry!”

Finally, it is time for the main event! Adam walks on stage with a great big smile and welcomes everyone to Ludimentis 2017. He gives a shout out to every team who won a bid to the 3rd Annual Ludimentis. Teams came from every Last Call Trivia city in the country! He thanks the volunteers and Last Call Trivia team for all of their hard work and for making this day possible. With a few quick rules and reminders, the event is off to a start!

As the first question is asked, the room becomes very quiet and still. Players huddle in, listening very carefully. Even if it weren’t for the fun music playing, you can still hardly hear the whispers as teams talk amongst themselves to come to an answer. Hands raise at different times throughout the song and with different amounts of confidence. Runners scurry to grab the answers and pass them to the scorers. As the song quiets and Adam grabs his mic, everyone becomes completely silent again as they listen to hear if they got the first question right. Some teams shout their victory, while others let out a disappointed groan.

As each question is asked, the teams become louder and more comfortable. Everyone is still very intent on the trivia game, but seem to start enjoying themselves even more. Teams gossip and tell stories. Some sing and dance to the music. Others stay completely concentrated. Teams interact and joke with one another. The energy is palpable and it feels fantastic.

Raffle Tickets and Bonus Questions

Throughout the game, raffle tickets are drawn and called out. Each time a player wins, they excitedly jump out of their seats and hurry to the back of the room to grab a t-shirt. Each bonus question is taken very seriously, as the person who guesses closest to the answer wins $300. This helps keep the players motivated and the energy high.

Answers for Alzheimer’s

On a more serious note, Aaron Stapleton, Cincinnati’s famous pink elephant, takes the stage for a bit. He speaks out about Alzheimer’s – a cause very dear to Last Call Trivia’s heart, and many of the players’ as well. After his touching speech, he makes rounds around the room with our Giveaway Coordinator, Aaron Wright, and people give generously to the cause in return for a ticket in Split the Pot. The game continues on as he walks around the entire room. During halftime, people rush to the screens to see where their team is ranked in the game. After they nervously check their standing, people allow their attention to be drawn toward things other than trivia for a bit.

Split the Pot

Toward the end of the show, a wonderful announcement is made. Charity donations for Split the Pot have exceeded $2,000! Soon, a winner would get half of that amount and the rest would go to the Alzheimer’s Association. The big winners are The OLEO’s! But what they did next surpasses the joy of them winning. They gave the money that they won straight back to the Alzheimer’s Association! What a shocking and beautiful moment. Everyone in the room stands to applaud them, which was definitely deserved! 

Best Team Name

After teams had voted for the best team name, the results showed that “Dr. Huxtable’s Sleep Study” won in that category!

As the game starts back up and the Final Question is asked, everyone gets their thinking caps on. Looking around, everyone is extremely focused with their eye on the prize. This is it, the results are finally in! In first place, winning a whopping $6,000, is SIDS Vicious and the Baby Shakers! In second place is Leonard and Penny, walking away with $3,000! Lastly, after an intense four-way tie breaker, The Trivicorns won third place!

The Winners!

It was such an amazing day. Players walked away with not only lots of cash and fun prizes, but with lots of great memories with friends and knowing that they had contributed to a great cause. The hard work that all of the trivia teams and Last Call Trivia members put into Ludimentis 2017 definitely paid off. We can’t wait for next year!

Final Standings

Hope to see you next year!

Look for your team in this Facebook album and share your favorite Ludimentis 2017 moments in the comments below!


Weekly Hints

11.28 – 12.04 | Alice Walker, Cloris Leachman, Frances Bavier, Julianna Margulies, Margaret Atwood, Maya Angelou, and Shirley MacLaine

12.05 – 12.11 | Cetology, Dodo, Ergometer, Golgi Apparatus, Hydrophobic, Pfizer, and Thiamin

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