Assemble Your Dream Team!

Author: Rob Core Topic: Tips for Team In the 1992 film White Men Can’t Jump, Rosie Perez’s character Gloria was constantly studying random facts and odd trivia, waiting for her chance to show it off as a contestant on Jeopardy.  Of course, when she finally gets on the show the first round includes subjects she …

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Murphy’s Trivia: No Irish Joke

Author: Laura Topic: Bar of the Month There are certain things that you, the players, can expect when attending a trivia night at Murphy’s Pub. You will always get drinks at great prices. You will always have access to free popcorn and hotdogs. You will more than likely get to participate in a group sing-a-long …

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Expect to change

One of the greatest traits a business can develop is an expectancy of change.  Flexibility is not enough.  Today’s economy calls for a five-course meal whose menu is changing every day.  Change is not trendy or nichey or something reserved only for forward-thinking startups; it is now the standard.  And the smart companies are making …

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When the Captain is Drowning

Owners assert a level of control in their company that they are comfortable with.  Each owner is different and some companies require more control from their owners than others.  But what happens when we retain too much control, when we put our hands, and our approval, into too many projects?  What happens when we don’t …

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The Origin of a Trivia Question

Author: Dave Gottlieb Topic: From the Writer’s Desk “I have a Guinness poster in my man cave, it’s Toucan!” your teammate yells from across the table. Chances are, one of the members of the writing team also has the poster, or knows someone who does.  This is just one example of the origin of the …

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The Pursuit of Hoppyness

Author: Rob Core Dives, taverns, brew pubs, juke joints, pubs or saloons. Bars. As a fan of Last Call, you probably have been in a bar or two.  If you didn’t know, at Last Call, we are unabashed and enthusiastic fans of bars. More than cotton, they are the fabric of our lives – both …

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Rolling with Dice

Author: David Huston Topic: Host of the Month I recently had the opportunity to sit down with one of the best hosts in the company and talk about trivia, hosting and more trivia. DH:  Why do you enjoy hosting trivia? AD:  For starters, like my teams and players, I’m really passionate about trivia. I just …

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Gearing Up for the Big Game

Author: Aiden Williams Topic: Tips for Bars Believe it or not, preparing for the “Big Game” and for trivia night are not that different. Both take preparation, game planning, and in-game management. While your last name might not be Lombardi, Knoll, Shula, or Belichick, you can still become a game-winning coach and go down in …

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