Brooklynn Holtz

Director of BAR – TRIVIA At four years old, I decided I would grow up to be bestfriends with Cinderella. We’d sing songs and help each other find our shoes (because that is seriously a problem for both of us). Sixteen years later, I landed a gig at the “happiest place on earth” where I indeed …

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Aiden Williams

Host Coordinator/League Scores 513-295-5699 I never dreamed of being in a sales role or management position. Salesmen are always portrayed as being slimy, money-obsessed, and heartless, while managers are always portrayed as being workaholics, family-neglecting, and life-hating. I wanted to change the world one student at a time as a History or Math teacher …

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Adam Johnston

CEO Give me a bottle of bourbon and half a chicken, and I’ll conquer the world!  I’ve got life in me, and it’s fueled each and every day by my inspiring Team.  Drew and I started Last Call in the Fall of 2007 and the subsequent years have taught me more than I ever learned …

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Who We Are As a Company

Author: Adam Johnston Topic: From the CEO We can’t just tell the world who we are and expect them to get it. ‘Nana’ was my great grandmother.  She was one of those extraordinary women from a generation practically defunct.  Equal parts tough and kind, all parts wise.  She used to say, “If you wait long enough, …

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Getting Started with Trivia Nights

Author: Aiden Williams Topic: Tips for Bars Getting Started Congratulations! You’ve decided to have a trivia night with Last Call, but you’re not sure what to do next. When should you have trivia night? What can your staff do to help? How can we help you promote? Here are some tips to help prepare you …

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2015 League Announcement

Author: Brooklynn Holtz Topic: Exciting Improvements to our Leagues in 2015 The teams have spoken and we have listened. Everything is simplified! Beginning with this coming Winter league, Last Call will now host City Championships in lieu of Regional Finals. Teams will get to compete against other teams from around their area for cash prizes, glory, …

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Your Heart is Dumb, Trust Your Gut.

Author: Laura Settle Topic: Tips for Teams “Last call! Last call for answers!!” You look down; there’s nothing on your answer pad. You look to either side; your team is staring at you in blank faced panic. You look at your host; she’s waiting patiently for stragglers, sneaking up with answers. With nothing to turn …

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Padrino Italian: Le curiosità della città (The Tastiest Trivia in Town)

Author: Laura Settle Topic: Bar of the Month What’s better than playing trivia? Playing trivia while you enjoy a locally brewed beer and a meatball the size of your head, obviously.   Padrino in Old Milford, a historic (and adorable) suburb of Cincinnati, has hosted one of the most popular trivia nights in Cincinnati since …

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