The Man Who Invented Sports

Author: Laura Settle Topic: Host of the Month “SPORTS!!!” We’ve all heard it. In the last year and a half it’s slowly been replacing the time honored trivia battle cry of “SCIENCE” as the thing most likely to be heard at a Last Call Trivia night in Cincinnati. And one man stands behind this transition. …

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Introducing, Sugarheels!

Author: Tim Schifle Topic: Team of the Month As you saw earlier with Moose Knuckle Sandwich, we will be highlighting one Team of the Month each time around, and for February, I am delighted to introduce Sugarheel out of Cincinnati! In addition to their notable loyalty to Last Call and dedication to our products, we …

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Brewing Up the Perfect Trivia Show

Author: Dave Gottlieb Topic: From the Writer’s Desk A touch of History here, a little Entertainment there, and finally, a Geography halftime that could make or break the first round. As you take a sip of your favorite beer, you may or may not realize how much these questions have in common with your drink. …

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Dave Gottlieb

Creative Specialist 513-304-8067 I grew up in a household that tuned into Jeopardy! every night of the week. I never realized that knowing, “A dressy term for hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs”, would help me out as an adult. Living in the house for about 18 years, I used what I learned while sitting …

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Brooklynn Holtz

Director of BAR – TRIVIA At four years old, I decided I would grow up to be bestfriends with Cinderella. We’d sing songs and help each other find our shoes (because that is seriously a problem for both of us). Sixteen years later, I landed a gig at the “happiest place on earth” where I indeed …

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Aiden Williams

Host Coordinator/League Scores 513-295-5699 I never dreamed of being in a sales role or management position. Salesmen are always portrayed as being slimy, money-obsessed, and heartless, while managers are always portrayed as being workaholics, family-neglecting, and life-hating. I wanted to change the world one student at a time as a History or Math teacher …

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Adam Johnston

CEO Give me a bottle of bourbon and half a chicken, and I’ll conquer the world!  I’ve got life in me, and it’s fueled each and every day by my inspiring Team.  Drew and I started Last Call in the Fall of 2007 and the subsequent years have taught me more than I ever learned …

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