How to Promote Trivia Night on Social Media

There is no denying, in this era, social media is king. People are connected to their devices at all times. Which means constant interaction with friends, strangers, and businesses alike as they share their experiences and interests. With that being said, creating a social media presence to promote your Trivia Nights is a must.

The exact platforms and strategies you use will vary based on your audience and potential clients. Below is a framework to provide a starting point for your social media accounts.


Of the seemingly endless platforms to choose from, Facebook is the social media account you should place the most focus on growing. This is especially true at the beginning of your Trivia Night side hustle.

Start off by creating a profile for your Trivia Night side hustle. Fill in important details such as the “About” section, contact information, photos, etc. This will give your Trivia Nights a personality, so be sure to match the tone of your page accordingly!

After you’ve created your page, encourage all of your friends and family members to “like” it. This will help you to establish a base of followers.


From there, it is important to engage your audience by posting regularly. Once you sign your first venue, create a recurring event for your Trivia Night. This will allow people to RSVP for the event, which will give the event visibility to all of their Facebook friends as well.

In addition to events for your Trivia Nights, it is a best practice to post other items as well. By posting regularly, you will keep your name in front of your followers. At first, try to post at least 2-3 times a week. However, as your presence grows, see if you can expand your posting frequency to once per day. These should be things that get your followers talking. Remember that anything that is “share-worthy” will increase your visibility. So, think along the lines of teaser Trivia questions, funny memes, interesting infographics, etc.

Facebook is the best social media platform to rely on out of the gate. This is because it allows you to share more detailed information than other sites, and it allows users to RSVP to events. Once you have a solid presence built up on Facebook, you can expand your reach to other platforms as well.


While Facebook is great for providing detailed information to your followers, Twitter allows you to communicate in short blurbs. This format lends itself to more entertainment-focused messages.

Since Facebook is the best platform for spreading the word about your Trivia Nights, Twitter doesn’t necessarily need to be a focus at the beginning. Although, it is wise to start an account, in order to have a better chance at a username that matches your branding.

Once you have established a following on Facebook, you can begin putting more focus into your Twitter account. One way to entertain and engage your followers is to post a Trivia question of the day. You can either pick a “new” question, or select the question from your last Trivia Night that generate the most discussion among teams.
Another great way to engage customers through Twitter is with polls. With the poll functionality, you can ask players to vote on favorite themes and categories to get ideas for upcoming shows.
You can also share funny memes and gifs on you Twitter, which will encourage people to retweet your posts. This is a great way to organically increase your exposure. While you can promote your Trivia Nights with reminder tweets on the day of the show, think of Twitter as a tool for promoting your brand more so than individual Trivia Nights.


Instagram is, of course, focused on photos. So, of the three main social media platforms, this should be your last choice for sharing information in text form. Again, since Facebook will be your most helpful social media tool, you do not need to focus on Instagram content right away. However, it is advisable to start your account to secure your username.

One of the benefits of Instagram is the ability to show off how fun your Trivia Nights are. As you host your shows, try to get some candid photos of the players, and a shot of the winners holding up their prizes. This makes great content for building your brand on Instagram.

You can also post photos of the venues, food, and staff of the bars you host Trivia Nights (with their permission, of course). This will add another compelling element for potential players to connect with, and it’s great promotion for your clients.

Additional Social Media Platforms

By nature, social media is constantly changing and evolving. With that being said, there may be additional platforms that allow you to connect with your audience in the future. While there are countless other sites and apps available, at this point, they don’t offer enough of a benefit to upkeep for your Trivia Nights out of the gate.

Be sure to keep up to date on the current trends, and where your customers are present. You can always adjust your strategy for social media promotion in the future, as the platforms evolve.

Social media is the best tool for connecting with a wide audience free of charge. Focus on building a Facebook following first, and from there, expand your reach to appeal to your customers across a variety of platforms.

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