Everything You Need to Know to Promote Your Last Call Event

Social media is a very important (and free) promotional tool at your disposal. In addition to traditional means of promotion, it can spread the word far and wide to people you may not have been reaching before. Here are some basics you need to know in order to build a good foundation for your social presence.


Even after all this time, Facebook remains a huge player in promoting your business. It’s used by a wide range of demographics and thanks to its sophisticated (and free) self-advertising methods, it’s a great way to reach your audience.


Post on a daily basis around lunchtime or after dinner. Post about things your fans care about. What events are you hosting this week? Is there a seasonal menu item? What about an interesting article? A good rule of thumb is 80/20. Eighty percent of the time you give helpful or interesting posts. Twenty percent of the time you can talk about your business.

  • Some ideas to consider when promoting your show:

Pro tip

Tag! A tag provides a link to another page or profile. It is a powerful way to cross-promote. Just start with @ and keep typing until you find who you’re looking for. Make sure it’s the right page!

Tag @Last Call Trivia when talking about your show! Our strong network of Trivia lovers recognize our name and will get excited about your event.

Create photos and videos for your posts! This kind of media tends to get the most attention on peoples’ feeds. If you want to create your own graphics, Canva is free and super easy to use.

example facebook post

Don’t have time to make your own graphics? We’ve got you covered. Check out our free library of promotional graphics and sign up to get brand new ones sent to your inbox each Monday.

Creating Events

Remind people your show is happening and maybe even wrangle in some of their friends. By creating a Facebook event, you quite literally invite people to express their interest in attending your show.

The neat thing about utilizing the events feature is that once someone expresses interest, they will get a reminder as the event nears. Additionally, after people mark their interest in your event, Facebook will suggest this event to friends of those interested people by proxy, meaning you reach more potential patrons.

To create an event:

Go to the left menu of your news feed and click “Events” and then “Create Event”. You will probably want to mark it as a public event so that more people can see it.​

event sidebar

After that, fill in the dates, times, category, and other details. Be sure to use keywords about your event so more people can find it and tag any relevant co-hosts for cross promotion.

facebook event

When you’re finished, click “Create” and you’ll be taken to your event page, where you can invite people, post updates, etc. Now watch your trivia night grow!


Allow people you trust to help you out with the page – maybe your bartender who has a good grip on the social world! You can do so by visiting “Settings” –> “Page Roles”. 


There are different levels of access for the different user roles, so be sure to read through the permissions before you give authority to someone. Having someone help you out with posting online means you don’t have to sacrifice your valuable time running your business and you still get to send a message to your audience. 

fostering a sense of community

Make sure to respond to people who comment on your posts. Even complaints give you the opportunity to fix the problem and show the rest of your fans you care about making things right.

Knowing that you are reliable and responsive to questions or concerns will creates a bond with your guests. As a result, they’ll start to trust your brand more and be more likely to support your business.


Whether or not you have someone helping you out with your Facebook presence, there are tools that can streamline the process.

You’ll see, right on Facebook, the option to schedule your posts to publish in the future. You can do that for free and without much hassle. HootSuite is also an option for scheduling messages ahead of time so that you can be sure your message is being sent without spending too much time doing it every single day.



Twitter is a whole world of its own. It has its own unique and loyal user base just waiting to discover and connect with your business.


Instead of abbreviating and substituting words, take a good look at what you’re trying to say. If you can’t clearly say it in less than 140 characters, it’s not a good tweet. The beauty of Twitter is its conciseness. Say it simply and clearly and use a hashtag to bring it all together.

Hashtag tips


Retweet (RT)

When you come across a tweet that you want to share with your followers, you can retweet it. Add a comment to the RT to show your followers exactly why you’re sharing it with them.


Retweets are also a great way to share the love your guests show. When someone posts about having a great time at your bar or restaurant, share it so that other’s can see that you’re the place to be at.


The key to being a great Tweeter is responding consitently. If someone interacts with you, reward them! Let them know you are listening and care about their experience and feedback.


Quickly growing in popularity, Instagram is the place to share what your lifestyle or brand is all about. An array of in-app editing features gives you everything you’ll need to post the perfect snapshot.


Instagram is all about showcasing a lifestyle. What is your brand all about? Who is typically the face of your brand? A great example post for brewery, for instance, would be to share an image of bartenders pouring a featured beverage or guests having a great time with a drink in their hand. Take into account any seasonal or themed elements you can add to your photo.

Don’t forget to tag people and places that may be relevant to your post to help promote it. This makes your post more likely to be cross-shared, which means more eyes are seeing it. Be sure to also use relevant hashtags.

Photo taking tips

Capture the moment: Is one of your teams dressed up or generally having a great time? Capture it! Take candid photos or ask the team to pose for you. 

Stay steady: Blurry photos are hard to make out. Try to keep your hands steady when taking a photo during your show. 

Lighting matters: The better the lighting, the better the photo. Have an outdoor venue? Utilize that natural light! In a dimmer location? That’s okay. Remember that dimmer lighting increases the chance for shakiness in photos. Just do your best! If your phone has a “night mode” setting, it may be useful to use this in lieu of a bright, distracting flash. 


Another thing to consider is posting short videos to your Instagram. Think: your bartender pouring a beer or mixing a cocktail, someone taking a bite of your delicious food special, or maybe a boomerang of people doing an excited dance before your show.


Instagram’s Stories feature allows you to showcase more time sensitive information or hype that you want to spread without making a whole post. Stories are active for 24 after you post and are a great way to make sure you’re staying relevant on people’s feeds despite the non-chronological nature of Instagram’s algorithm.

There are tons of great features in the Stories function that can help you make an interesting and engaging story. Some of these include GIFs, emojis, music clips, polls, multiple choice, question inboxes, the ability to tag people and places, a hashtag feature, and more.

To add to your story, click on the camera icon at the top left of your home feed.

Additionally, if people tag you in their own stories, you can share their story onto your own. This lets people know that you are listening and care enough to share their word.

You can also create an archive of stories that appear on your profile for visitors to see. This could be helpful FAQs for new visitors, scenes from fun nights, etc. This helps you show what your business is all about, while conveying to your audience that you are keeping up with the times.

You can add to your featured stories from the camera screen for main stories.

Creating community

Just like any other social media platform, creating a sense of community on Instagram is important. You can do this by taking the time to like or respond to comments on your posts, as well as responding to direct messages (which can be found by clicking the paper plane icon at the top right of your home feed).

Another thing you can do to create a sense of community is develop your own hashtag. Most of the time, this is the name of your business. Be sure to use it in your own posts, place it in the bio section of your profile, and encourage others to use it in their own posts. This will create a feed of great photos within your hashtag for you to repost and share the love.

For example, we promote our hashtag: #lastcalltrivia. We have it in our profile bio and encourage guests and clients to use it so that we can easily find their posts and share them with our audience.


Also consider engaging people with some of those Stories features like the question inbox, poll, and multiple choice option.

Traditional Promotion

These are the methods that have been used prior to the advent of the internet and social media. However, that doesn’t mean that they still don’t matter despite our increasingly digital society.


As a Last Call Trivia client, you have access to high quality, professional flyers that you can print out and hang around your bar. Place them where people will see them. This could mean your typical places like on the entrance doors, bulletin board, etc. Don’t be afraid to get creative, though. Place them inside menus or on the back of bathroom stall doors where they can’t be ignored.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is still as important as it ever was. Make sure your bartenders and servers are up-to-date on everything they need to know about your show: start time, specials, prizes, etc. Help them help you to spread the word!

Social media can seem daunting if it’s something you’re not familiar with. However, it’s important to remember that it is a free tool there to help you promote your business. With the basic background knowledge you’ve gained from this article, you can begin building a robust and engaging online presence that will entice guests to come spend time with you.

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