Complete Guide to Bar Social Media- A Summary


Although it is an older platform than the Twitters and the Instagrams of the world, Facebook still holds its own as a social hub. It’s used by a wide range of demographics and thanks to its sophisticated (and free) self-advertising methods, it’s a great way to reach your audience.


Post on a daily basis around lunchtime or after dinner. Post about things your fans care about and be careful not to self-promote. A good rule of thumb is 80/20. Eighty percent of the time you give helpful or interesting posts. Twenty percent of the time you can talk about your business.

Some creative ideas…

  • Create a Photo Album of Winners from Trivia Night
  • Give away unique prizes and experiences
  • Give out hints for some of the answers

Bonus Tips: Tag! A tag provides a link to another page or profile. It is a powerful way to cross-promote. Just start with @ and keep typing until you find what you’re trying to tag.


Tag @Last Call Trivia when talking about your trivia night! Our strong network of trivia lovers recognize our name and will get excited about your event.


Create photos and videos for your posts! This kind of media tends to get the most attention on social media. If you want to create your own graphics, Canva is free and super easy to use.

Creating Events

Remind people your trivia night is happening and maybe even wrangle in some of their friends. By creating a Facebook event, you quite literally invite people to express their interest in attending your trivia night.


The neat thing about utilizing the events feature is that once someone expresses interest, they will get a reminder as the event nears. Additionally, after people mark their interest in your event, Facebook will suggest this event to friends of those interested people by proxy, meaning you reach more potential patrons.

To create an event, go to the left menu of your news feed and click Events –> + Create Event. You will probably want to mark it as a public event so that more people can see it. After that, fill in the dates, times, category, and other details. Be sure to use keywords about your event so more people can find it. When you’re finished, click Create and you’ll be taken to your event page, where you can invite people, post updates, etc. Now watch your trivia night grow!


Allow people you trust to help you out with the page. You can do so by visiting Settings –> Page Roles. There are different levels of access for the different user roles, so be sure to read through the permissions before you give authority to someone.

Creating a Community

Make sure to respond to people who comment on your posts. Even complaints give you the opportunity to fix the problem and show the rest of your fans you care about making things right.


Bar owners are some of the busiest people we know. So, how do you make the most of your valuable time? You’ll see, right on Facebook, the option to schedule your posts to publish in the future. You can do that for free and without much hassle. HootSuite is also an option for scheduling messages ahead of time.

Keep Improving

Check your insights. You’ll see what works your fans and what doesn’t.


Twitter is a whole world of its own. It has its own unique and loyal user base just waiting to discover and connect with your business.

Hashtag Tips:


Writing a Tweet

Instead of abbreviating and substituting words, take a good look at what you’re trying to say. If you can’t clearly say it in less than 140 characters, it’s not a good tweet. The beauty of Twitter is its conciseness. Say it simply and clearly. Use a hashtag to bring it all together.

Retweet (RT)

When you come across a tweet that you want to share with your followers, you can retweet it. Add a comment to the RT to show your followers exactly why you’re sharing it with them.


The key to being a great Tweeter is responding quickly. A tweet only “lives” for a few minutes, so if someone interacts with you, reward them! Interact and keep the tweet alive.

There you have it.

Do you feel a little more prepared to tackle social media? We hope you do! If you still want more, read on for an in-depth guide or get in touch. Cheers!

Weekly Hints

11.28 – 12.04 | Alice Walker, Cloris Leachman, Frances Bavier, Julianna Margulies, Margaret Atwood, Maya Angelou, and Shirley MacLaine

12.05 – 12.11 | Cetology, Dodo, Ergometer, Golgi Apparatus, Hydrophobic, Pfizer, and Thiamin

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