Trivia Bites Guest Feature 1/30/19

Tune in Wednesday, January 30th at noon for Trivia Bites with Dave! This week’s guest participant, Tom, is a previous Last Call Trivia host, sports fanatic, and adamant about his vegetables. 

What are your favorite/best Trivia categories and why?

Anything involving college sports or politics. College sports because I have been to over 150 Ohio State football games, and politics – my father was a delegate to the 1972 Republican National Convention for Richard Nixon.

What is your favorite Trivia question?

Q) What odd piece of trivia applies to Tom and vegetables?

A) I like all vegetables that are two syllables or less, and I dislike all vegetables that are three syllables or more.

Do you recall any fun moments/stories of a time you’ve played Trivia at a bar or restaurant?  

When I used to host for LCT, it was always fun when a team would be arguing with each other and I would have one of the teammates come up to me and I would let them have 10 seconds to voice their displeasure with their team. Sort of a pep talk/halftime speech. People loved it.

Trivia Bites with Dave is every Wednesday at noon via Facebook Live. Find us @TriviaLovers and play along with Tom. See you there! 

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Brittani Rable

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