Brewing Up the Perfect Trivia Show

Author: Dave Gottlieb
Topic: From the Writer’s Desk

A touch of History here, a little Entertainment there, and finally, a Geography halftime that could make or break the first round. As you take a sip of your favorite beer, you may or may not realize how much these questions have in common with your drink.

Just as the lager, stout or other beer that might be sitting in front of you was brewed; the Trivia show also went through an important process.

With every product consumed, it is important to figure out the same thing.  It’s a simple question really.  What do the folks playing, or drinking, want to receive out of their weekly show or beer?  The outcome involves knowing the preferred taste of those involved and crafting ingredients together to achieve the most positive experience possible.

There are several categories to choose from when creating a show, but it is important to take those categories and put them together in a way that flows.



After choosing the ingredients, it’s time to start the process.  As any lager or stout has a mostly universal taste, there are small additions made to place a product above the rest. It is extremely important to have that tried-and-true product, but there are variants to be offered to appease those looking to switch up their plans.  Think of Feud as the “Light” version of Last Call’s traditional Trivia product.

There are also those “Seasonal” shows.  They have all of the elements of a normal show, but with something added to cater to a specific topic.  Whether it’s a special sports show or a show about a popular TV show or movie, the themed shows can be viewed as Last Call’s seasonal releases.

A show dedicated to The Walking Dead could parallel a pumpkin beer from a popular brewery.

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All of the shows have the same goal.  Some people enjoy playing Trivia, some like Feud, and others want a collection of everything.  What everyone wants is an event that they can enjoy with their friends.  Last Call’s shows all come in the same bottle, but the difference comes from the label on the front, and the ingredients inside. There might be a different taste, but the source of every bottle is aimed at the same outcome, a good time with friends.

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