Brooklynn Holtz

Director of Marketing
(844) BAR – TRIVIA

At four years old, I decided I would grow up to be bestfriends with Cinderella. We’d sing songs and help each other find our shoes (because that is seriously a problem for both of us).

Sixteen years later, I landed a gig at the “happiest place on earth” where I indeed became very good friends with Cinderella. As an idealist and a dreamer, Disney was the perfect place for me to develop. I soon grew to expect innovation and excellence from the companies for which I worked, and upon moving back home to the great city of Columbus, Ohio, I wound up at the steps of Last Call Trivia.

I started out as a Trivia Show host in January of 2012. Yay! I had a mic, I had an audience, and sometimes I got free drinks. Life was pretty great.

When the opportunity came a couple years later to join the Last Call team in Marketing and Public Relations, I thought back to my days at Disney. Could I apply my ambition and idealism to a company that valued people, innovation, free thought, and seemingly endless opportunities? Abso-damn-lutely.

A few fun facts: I was born on an island, once rode a Siberian tiger, went swimming on an alligator reservation, performed in TV, film, and commercials, and briefly taught English classes in Jordan. I’m always up for an adventure! You can sometimes find me hosting shows around Columbus and mingling at live events. Come say “hi” and let me know how I can make Last Call even better for you! I may or may not be wearing a tiara.

Twitter: @brooklynnholtz

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