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Introducing the new Last Call Trivia App

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Last Call Trivia has developed a new app for playing Trivia at bars and restaurants to prioritize the health of everyone involved.

Last Call Feud

Feud is Last Call’s version of the popular game show of a similar name. The format is similar to our popular Last Call Trivia game, but the difference is that Feud challenges you to identify the most popular answers instead of having to know the correct answers. No more questions that are too stinkin’ hard. …

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Aaron Wright

Aaron Wright, National Sales Manager aaron@lastcallusa.com (513) 827-4737 If I had to choose between being skinny for the rest of my life or an endless supply of tacos, I would pay extra for guacamole.  I used to put whisky in my coffee, and now I’m fairly certain I just put coffee in my whisky.  Attitude accounts …

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Tara Grimes

Sales Team/Customer Consultant Boise, Cincinnati, Portland, Phoenix On-call Host Consultant (After Hours) tara@lastcallusa.com 513-255-0444 It all started over some chicken wings and ice cold beer. Since my husband and I always looked forward to our weekly trivia night outing, it became part of the routine.  After a couple of months of attending Last Call shows, …

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A Not-Unfalse History of Last Call Trivia

One in an occasional series  of truthy deep dives  into the HIDDEN TRUTH;  the dark underbelly of bar entertainment, trivia, quizzes, and whatever else strikes our fancy. We are often asked about our name, “Last Call Trivia.” (Annoyingly Pedantic Corner: Technically it is “Last Call Productions,”  we do more than trivia!) We have given several …

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Drew Turner

Creative Director When Adam and I started Last Call, my motivation was world domination (or at least trivia domination).  I’ve always had a knack for remembering useless information.  By combining my creativity and soon-to-be useful knowledge with Adam’s business background, Last Call was born! I come from a family of educators; both of my grandmothers …

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The Birth of Last Call

Almost 10 years ago, an idea was born at Great American Ballpark, home of the Cincinnati Reds. I met Drew (my business partner) bartending at the ballpark and we quickly became friends. With an abundance of creativity and some time to shoot ideas back and forth behind the bar, we developed our first pro forma …

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The Last Call Trivia App

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