★ NEW SHOW: Barmacy Bar & Grill – Feud (Cleveland)

Feud on Wednesday at Starting 11/27/18 Specials: $3.00 craft beers, $1.00 off wine Play to win $20 for 1st and $10 for 2nd – good on food only Venue: Barmacy Bar & Grill Address: 804 Market Street, Akron, OH 44303 Phone: 234-571-1636 Parking: On street parking Facebook Check out the leaderboard

★ NEW SHOW: Cock and Bull Public House – Hyde Park (Cincinnati)

Trivia on Tuesdays at Starting 11/13/18 Specials: Flight Night – $7.00 for 4 5 oz glasses Play to win $25, $15, $10 Venue: Cock and Bull Public House – Hyde Park Address: 2645 Erie Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45208 Phone: 513-533-4253 Parking: Free parking in Hyde Park School lot after 6:00 Facebook Check out the leaderboard

Guess the Hints 11/04/18 – 11/10/18

Weekly Trivia Hints 10/28 – 11/03 See if you can match the question to the correct answer! HINTS: Black & White, Town & Country, Benny & Joon, Green & Black’s, William & Mary,  Lewis & Clark, and Big & Rich. (11.04) CANDY Known for its organic and Fairtrade chocolate bars, what British chocolate company is …

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Question of the Day – 7Up + Mood Stabilizers

Until 1948, 7-Up contained what mood stabilizer used to treat bipolar disorder? 7-Up hasn’t always been clear. It was originally caramel colored.

Question of the Day – James Bond

James Bond was originally going to be called what? On average, Bond has a drink every 10 minutes, 53 seconds in the films.

Question of the Day – Bowie in Disguise

When David Bowie wanted to walk around in New York without being bothered, he carried a newspaper in what language? Bowie appeared in over 25 films throughout his life, including The Last Temptation of Christ as Pontius Pilate, Basquiat as artist Andy Warhol, and The Prestige, as inventor Nikola Tesla.

Question of the Day – America’s First Novel

Thought to be the first novel ever written in America, The Power of Sympathy of 1791 falls into what genre? Founded in 1534, the Cambridge University Press is the oldest publishing house in the world.

Question of the Day – Painting on Wood

What kind of wood was the Mona Lisa painted on? The galleries of The Louvre contain approximately 7,500 paintings, and 66% of them were created by French artists

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