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How to Get Trivia-On-The-Go Now

We know you love playing Last Call trivia in the evenings. It’s what got you into reading this blog (well, that and the graceful wit and understated elegant wordsmithing involved). But does your thirst for knowledge only take place on trivia night? Of course not. You crave that random knowledge 24/7. So what do you …

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I Only Watch For The Commercials

It’s that time of year again. The grind of the gridiron gives us the ultimate matchup to decide football superiority. It’s the super bowl of, well, Super Bowls. And whether you’re a rabid fan that paints your face with team colors every week, or a flourished-pinky tea sipper who simply abhors such primitive barbarism, you …

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Feeling Hot Hot Hot (in your mouth)

So you think you’re pretty bold when ordering extra jalapeño peppers for your nachos? Everybody gives an awed look when you put tabasco on eggs? Do you order a spice level 8 at your favorite Thai place, while other wimps stick to a 3 or 4? Big freakin’ deal. You haven’t tasted hot until the …

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It’s A Large World After All

Let’s talk Disney. It’s a company that’s touched pretty much everybody in one form or another. From childhood movies and cartoons to trips to one of their theme parks, or even toys and games around the house – the Disney brand is everywhere. Now with the acquisitions of entities like Pixar and Lucasfilm, Disney’s reach …

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Tear Down This Wall!

All countries have borders, some bound by land and others by sea. Some borders keep ideologies separate (looking at you, Korea), while others go almost unnoticed for miles. Borders can sometimes change overnight (folks in the Crimean Peninsula went to bed Ukrainians and woke up Russian last year), and other borders can remain for centuries. …

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How Do You Ring in the New Year?

A new year is approaching fast, so get ready to party! Pop the bubbly, break out the noisemakers, and drunkenly proclaim soon to be forgotten resolutions at the top of your lungs. Here we come 2016. But do we know enough about this ‘new year’ thing? Who came up with it? Are there rituals and …

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