Private: Thanksgiving Confidential

We all know the story of the first Thanksgiving. Pilgrims and Native Americans got together for a big, sweet ass meal and have been friends ever since. Right? Well, not exactly. Here are a few tasty morsels of fact to chew on while pondering the real first Thanksgiving experience.

Can You Name These National Holidays?

Thanksgiving Day is quickly approaching. The day when we show appreciation for all the great things bestowed upon us. Pretty solid holiday, right? Well, not every national day is steeped in such a rich meaning and history. Some are just really, really dumb. Here are some of the more ridiculous days we celebrate as a …

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Don’t Cut That Noodle

Superstitions are all around us, in every culture. Stepping on cracks, breaking mirrors, and walking under a ladder are superstitions we’ve all heard of. But did you realize how many superstitions revolve around food? Apparently we humans have done some pretty weird things to ward evil off of the dinner table. Let’s take a look …

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Here’s a Trivia Treat–No Trick!

Halloween is upon us, bringing all manner of ghosts, ghouls and goblins to haunt one and all. Halloween captivates the child in all of us, making for frightful fun and macabre merriment. Here’s a little trivia to get us in the mood for spooky season.

Get Your Trivia Edge While Eating

Food is delicious. No getting around that. Food is nutritious. We all know that as well. But can food make you smarter? Sure can, homey.

Video Games: A Brief History

Once a haven for nerds, dorks, geeks and spazzy dweebs, videos games are a multi-billion dollar industry. Big-time actors, athletes, musicians and even fashion moguls lend their talents to games nowadays. How did we get from humble beginnings to an industry worth a reported $74.2 billion worldwide (according to the research firm SuperData)? Well, here’s …

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