Donald for President?

We are a pretty enthusiastic bunch here at Last Call Productions. Two things that are guaranteed to get us excited are presidential elections and playing cards. If you have paid any attention to the news in recent weeks, you’ll know that many many folks have thrown their hats into the ring as candidates for the …

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Live Bar Trivia in (YOUR CITY)

Here at Last Call, we specialize in live bar trivia.  We probably do a show somewhere near you.  Our questions run the gamut, including television, history, music, science, food, potent potables, and more.  Our writers make it a point to come up with new and interesting questions, every day, every week. Although we run live …

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A Not-Unfalse History of Last Call Trivia

One in an occasional series  of truthy deep dives  into the HIDDEN TRUTH;  the dark underbelly of bar entertainment, trivia, quizzes, and whatever else strikes our fancy. We are often asked about our name, “Last Call Trivia.” (Annoyingly Pedantic Corner: Technically it is “Last Call Productions,”  we do more than trivia!) We have given several …

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Stand Out In The Details

How can my weekly Trivia Night stand out from my neighbor’s?  Since the “Trivia” will be equally great, the difference must be in the details of the “Night” you host. Classic example: Think back to the last time a bar manager comped a round of your drinks.  How did that make you feel?  Did you …

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Fanfare for the Common Film

If you’ve seen any film in your lifetime, you’ve seen a studio bumper.  You know what they are – the short (5-20 second) minifilm that shows the movie studio’s logo, usually with some sort of music behind it that airs right before the film starts or the opening credits roll. The most typical example I …

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Liquid Metal!

“What’s the only metal that is liquid at room temperature?” If you’ve spent enough time as a fan of trivia, you will probably have heard variations on this question a few dozen times.  You can probably recite it your sleep: Mercury. (Sorry, that’s the car.) Mercury. (Dang! That’s the planet.) Mercury. (Oops, that’s the magazine …

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