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Question of the Day – Historic Text Talk

The letter u as an abbreviation for “you” was first used by which playwright?  Phrases in English such as “long time no see”, “no go”, and “no can do” come from literal translations of Chinese phrases.

Question of the Day – The Beatles

Originally consisting of John Lennon and some school friends, the band that eventually became The Beatles was originally given what name in 1956? John Lennon sometimes liked to sleep in an old coffin.

Question of the Day – Feudal Japan

Feudal Japanese lords purposely built homes with squeaky floors as a defensive measure against what?  The world’s oldest fish hooks were found in a cave in Japan, dating from about 23,000 years ago.

Question of the Day

The world’s oldest yacht club is the Royal Cork Yacht Club which opened in what country in 1720?  The presidential yacht of America, Sequoia, was originally a decoy ship during prohibition.

Question of the Day

Whenever Prince Charles visits the U.S., his secret service code name is sometimes what mythical creature? JFK’s code name was Lancer.

Question of the Day

With half of the world’s current population at risk, which disease is sometimes cited as being responsible for the death of about half of all people who ever lived? Greek philosopher Chrysippus is said to have died of laughter while trying to eat figs after getting his donkey drunk.

Question of the Day

Thousands of condoms were issued to soldiers for D-Day, but most were used to keep what dry? 4% of the sand on Normandy beaches are still made up of metal particles from D-Day landings.

Question of the Day

Apples, peaches and raspberries are all members of which floral family?  In the U.S., the apples sold at stores can be up to a year old.

Question of the Day

No one born blind has ever developed which psychological disorder? Romantic love is biochemically indistinguishable from having a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. Question of the Day Question of the Day Question of the Day Load More

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