Fanfare for the Common Film

If you’ve seen any film in your lifetime, you’ve seen a studio bumper.  You know what they are – the short (5-20 second) minifilm that shows the movie studio’s logo, usually with some sort of music behind it that airs right before the film starts or the opening credits roll. The most typical example I …

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Liquid Metal!

“What’s the only metal that is liquid at room temperature?” If you’ve spent enough time as a fan of trivia, you will probably have heard variations on this question a few dozen times.  You can probably recite it your sleep: Mercury. (Sorry, that’s the car.) Mercury. (Dang! That’s the planet.) Mercury. (Oops, that’s the magazine …

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NEW SHOW: Holy Grail West (Cincinnati)

Venue Name: Holy Grail West Product and Day/Time: Trivia on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Start Date: Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 Address, City, State, Zip: 1278 Ebenezer Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45233 Part of Town: Delhi Phone: 513.941.5555 Specials: $10 domestic buckets Prizes: $30 to 1st, $20 to 2nd, $10 to 3rd Parking Info: lot Website: Holy …

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