Cheers With Your Beers! 3 Prosts for Beer Festivals

On trivia night, few moments can energize the crowd more than the “Social.” These celebrations, after each team answers the question correctly, are some of Dice’s favorite memories as a trivia host. You may say I’m a dreamer, but there’s something truly magical about a roomful of friends and strangers all toasting to the successes of the entire trivia community.

Around the world, communities have organized celebrations and festivals to honor literally anything you can think of, but all of Dice’s favorites festivals have one thing in common… Beer! Call your Designated Driver and let’s take a look at three amazing BrewFests.

1810 – Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany
Bigger than Mardi Gras and Rio’s Carnivale, Germany’s Oktoberfest is the world’s largest “volksfest” (“people’s fest”). Bringing more than 6 million people to Munich annually, Oktoberfest was first celebrated to honor the marriage of future king Ludwig and Princess Therese. Today’s Fest begins in mid-September and lasts 16-18 days. In 2013, the 6 breweries licensed to create official “Oktoberfest Bier” served 7.7 million liters (over 2 million US gallons) of beer.



Crowds at GABF1982 – Great American Beer Festival – Denver, Colorado
Denver’s annual Great American Beer Festival is a must on any beer aficionado’s bucket list. Debuting in Boulder in 1982, the first GABF featured 24 breweries, 47 beers, and welcomed 800 lucky beer drinkers. In 2016, organizers expect 800 breweries, more than 3,800 beers, and 60,000 people for the sold-out October event. Each year, the GABF also judges and awards prizes for the 6,647 beers entered by 1,552 breweries competing in 92 different categories of beer.



obf1988 – Oregon Brewer’s Festival – Portland, Oregon
Billed as North America’s Largest Beer Fest, the annual Oregon Brewer’s Festival is a pilgrimage any self-respecting beer drinker must make. Always the last full weekend in July, this 5-day event is a Mecca for craft-beer lovers. Featuring only craft beers from over 80 independent breweries across the country, in 2015 OBF served more than 85,000 guests on the beautiful Willamette River waterfront in Portland.



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