Cincinnati Finals

Last Call Trivia League Fall 2015

Congratulations to the following teams for placing at the Cincinnati Tournament Finals on Saturday, December 12th, 2015!

17389.3 Trivia Tuesday
272Ronaissance Men
366Mario Speedwagon
465In the Bag
563Strictly Anal
661Chocolate is Not a Fruit
661Prestige Worldwide
860Sexy Kim Davis
959Free Drinks at the Bar
959Tequila Mockingbird
1158Porn on the Cob
1158The Guild
1357The People’s Front of Judea
1456Judean People’s Front
1554Trivia Newton John
1651Cosmo Dog
1750Friends United in Common Knowledge
1849Tyrannosaurus Sex
1947Bug in a Cuff
2045My Two Nads
2142Seth and the Fat Men
2241Bob Ross & the Joys of Painting
2340Boss Squad
2439I’m With Stupid
2439Since Steve’s Been Gone
2638We Don’t Know Dickens
2736Menace to Sobriety
2834Sheila Na Gigs
2932Men in Black
3029Larry’s Homework

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