Cincinnati Finals

Last Call Trivia League | Summer 2016

Introducing your reigning Summer Tournament Champion: IllumiNATI!



Congratulations to all of the brilliant Last Call Trivia teams who made it to the Finals!

The Trivicorns62
Friends United in Common Knowledge58
We Should Do Shots58
Average Joes55
Trivial Beersuit54
Prestige World Wide52
Ronaissance Men52
Chocolate is Not a Fruit52
89.3 Trivia Tuesday51
Mario Speedwagon50
Syndrome of a Down49
Tyrannosaurus Sex46
Law and Order45
Leonard and Penny45
Tequila Mockingbird45
Furious George43
In the Bag43
Quiz Khalifa43
Pompetus of Love42
Seth and the Fat Men42
Where the Hell is Ted?42
Recreational Gynecologists41
The Foxymorons39
I’m With Stupid38
Dalton’s Double Deuce37
Trivia Newton Jon36
We Shih Tzu Not33

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