Cincinnati’s Semi-Finals Scores

Congratulations to Cincinnati’s Newest Finalists! Invitations to RSVP to the Finals this Saturday, August 8th, will be arriving via email shortly.

181Trivia Newton John
281Choclate is Not a Fruit
381Propane and Propane Accessories
672Meance to Sobriety
769The Oxymorons
869The Riddlers
968Men in Black
1068Think, McFly. Think!
1266Joe’s Stones
1366That’s What She Said
1464Jeans Unit
1564JoJo Dance Your Life is Calling
1663Quizlamic Extremists
1762Liquor Chest
1862Addition Never Solved Anything
1962Porn on the Cob
2060Trivial Beersuit
2160Jon Snow’s Hair
2260Rehab is for Quitters