Dice’s Couch to $10K Challenge

Hey trivia fans! Do you play Jeopardy! every day? Are you like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? Is this the way you’ve spent the majority of your adult life, eating dinner and shouting answers at the TV before Alex Trebek can even finish reading the question?

Are you ready to take the challenge of a lifetime?

My name is Dice, and I’m a trivia player and host for Last Call in Portland, Oregon, and I’m pleased to introduce, the newest (mental) fitness craze sweeping the nation…

Dice’s Couch to $10K Challenge!

Yeah, that’s right. Last Call is giving away $10,000 in cash and prizes at the annual Ludimentis Tournament in April 2017. And I’m going to help you get a head start on it. Follow these steps, and with a little luck and a lot of trivial knowledge, you’ll be competing in the next Ludimentis.

Step 1: REGISTER – The first step is to register your trivia team for Last Call’s League. This 12-week league season starts soon and occurs at Last Call Trivia locations across the country.

Step 2: START PLAYING – Find a local Last Call Trivia show and start playing. We award gift certificates to the winning teams every night, so your team can start winning your way to $10K even faster.

Step 3: KEEP PLAYING – The best teams play trivia often. Teams accumulate their best six-score average from playing as frequently as they want at Last Call Trivia Nights all over the city. The top ranking teams earn invitations to play in their City League Tournaments. Make sure to keep up-to-date on your city’s current League standings.

Step 4: TOURNAMENT TIME – You can’t win if you don’t play. League Tournament dates are scheduled far in advance, so coordinate your team’s schedules and get ready to compete for cash prizes and bragging rights over your city. They usually happen on Saturday afternoons.

Step 5: LUDIMENTIS – Your team must earn an invitation to Last Call’s annual Ludimentis Tournament, but with Last Call awarding more than $10,000 in cash and prizes, it’s almost ludicrous not to try.

But wait, where do you go to start your epic Trivia Journey into Ludimentis? Here! Simple as that.

Good luck Trivia Teams and I look forward to seeing you on the path to $10K!