How to Start Your Own Easy and Customizable Trivia Night at a Fraction of the Cost

You already know that Trivia Night is a great way to attract new customers and keep them coming back to your establishment week after week. But how do you create an event that people will tell their friends about? Where do you get the tools to train a host of your choice that knows your audience? How can you access expert Trivia questions without spending hours of your valuable time on Google?

A new product is here and it’s changing the trivia industry. Meet Last Call Trivia Flexan in-house Trivia platform that’s designed with you and your customers in mind, giving you the control and convenience you need to host the perfect Trivia Night for your bar or restaurant.

We’ve spent the last 11 years hosting Trivia Nights across the country, and we know how to make them fun and memorable. We’ve stockpiled tried-and-true Trivia questions that appeal to a wide audience and we’ve recruited hosts that challenge and entertain customers every night of the week.

Long story short: we’re Trivia experts and we think the future is in the hands of the bar owner! 

Here’s how it works:  Your purchase is a quick and easy subscription from Last Call Trivia, which gives you full access to the Flex Show Builder


meaning you have the option to click one button and get a complete auto-generated show that’s been expertly crafted. Or you can browse our extensive database and drag and drop questions into your own custom-designed show that will suit your needs. And it’s only $179.99 per month! Some companies charge that much per night, but your subscription gets you full access for a month’s worth of Trivia shows for the same price.

Not only do you get the Flex Show Builder, you’ll get promotional flyers, training videos, discounts on sound equipment (should you need it), and one-on-one support.

Check out this demo video, explore the Show Builder, and then sign up for a subscription. Your perfect Trivia Night is just a click away!