Do You Hear What I Hear? Musical Hints for Beginners

Author: Laura Settle
Topic: Tips for Teams

Do you want to know a secret? Promise not to tell anyone? Well, you can share with your trivia team, but that’s it.


Trivia is all about using your ears.

I know what you’re thinking. No really, I just heard your brain whisper, “But Laura, isn’t trivia all about using your brain? Or maybe using your gut, like you told us last time?”  (Just so you know, what you’ve always suspected is correct; your inner voice really does sound just like Samuel L. Jackson.)

But really, playing Last Call Trivia is more than just hearing questions and responding. It’s about using the tools that your friendly neighborhood trivia hosts provide for you.  Sure, everyone gives out free pens and answer pads, but if you listen very closely, you might notice that every now and again, your host might throw you a free hint as well. Not just any hint, a musical puzzle to test your association skills*.

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Picture this scene:

Trivia host- “Number five is in Terms.  Similar to a zoo, what term is defined as a collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition?”

Cue filler music- Heart of Glass by Blondie

Team Member #1- “Wildlife refuge!”
Team Member #2- “A preserve!”
Team Member #3- “No, no, listen, listen! A menagerie!”

Who do you think is right? Team Member #3 of course! Now, would our trivia team have gotten the answer on their own? Absolutely, they’re a Last Call team, the best of the best. But by listening for the carefully selected song that their host provided, they made the intuitive leap between Heart of Glass and the answer menagerie by way of Tennessee Williams classic play The Glass Menagerie. Boom. They just won trivia by listening.

*Now, please remember not every host is going to provide musical hints at every show. Where’s the fun in that? We at Last Call want to keep you on your mental toes.

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