Aiden Williams

Bar Traffic Controller

I never dreamed of being in a sales role or management position. Salesmen are always portrayed as being slimy, money-obsessed, and heartless, while managers are always portrayed as being workaholics, family-neglecting, and life-hating. I wanted to change the world one student at a time as a History or Math teacher at a high school. I wanted to help people. I was young and idealistic.

All it took was a friend convincing me to come to “trivia night” in early 2008, and the rest was history. I fell in love with Last Call as a dedicated and competitive participant. I was ecstatic when I found out I could become a host, too! I enjoyed being on a microphone and back on stage, interacting with the crowd, and learning the stories of the teams and getting to know them better week after week. I thought, “Hey, this is a great part-time job while I work on my Masters. I might even want to continue this after I start teaching!” Life was good.
Opportunity arose to help as an Assistant Manager with Last Call, and after no time, I was learning the inner-workings of what made this great company so successful. When my mentor and boss, Jen, was promoted, I interviewed for her former job, and to my horror at the time, I was offered the position. This straight-laced, type A, has-her-whole-life-planned-out future teacher was offered a non-traditional job with this start-up, managing and selling for Last Call. After much deliberation and some very uncharacteristic impulsive decision making, I couldn’t refuse a full-time position with a company I had fallen in love with from day one.
The best part is, I still am in love with Last Call. I wake up to a job I am excited for each day. My bosses inspire me to bend over backward to help Last Call continue to find success. My co-workers inspire me to keep growing and challenging myself. My hosts inspire me to serve them and do what I can to make sure they love hosting as much as I still do. My career choices took me down a path I never imagined, but my goals have not changed. While I’m not doing so in a classroom, I am helping people do something fun every day and enjoying every minute of it. If you’re passionate about what you do, success is inevitable for you and all of those around you.
When I’m not working, you can usually find me rooting on my Kentucky Wildcats, reminiscing about being in the lower arena and watching the Final Four and NCAA Championship game live in New Orleans in 2012, and mourning the retirement of Peyton Manning. I also enjoy playing trivia, making a monthly visit to California to see my amazingly talented fiance, Ben, who works there, spoiling my 85-lb. dog child, Bruce, or traveling anywhere warm where I can SCUBA dive. Willing to give you trivia answers for a trip to St. Maarten. Only kidding…