Brittani Rable

Creative Overlord

I am a creative soul by nature and love doing anything I can put my mind to from graphics and writing to embroidery and photography. I love trying new things and enjoy the thrill of a good challenge, whether that be in the form of a trivia question or attempting to learn Japanese.

I graduated from Ohio State in 2016 and started my first career-based job shortly after at a software company. A time came for me to move forward and when I saw an opening for the Marketing Manager position, I applied without hesitation and after speaking once with Brooklynn, I knew this was it. This was a position and a company that I felt passionate for already.  Fortunately, I got the job and I couldn’t be happier. I love everyone I work with and I love what I do. Last Call is truly a remarkable experience.

When I’m not hustling for LCT, you can usually find me haunting a local coffee shop, writing and submitting my poetry, or smothering my cats with love.

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