Dave Gottlieb

Creative Specialist

I grew up in a household that tuned into Jeopardy! every night of the week. I never realized that knowing, “A dressy term for hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs”, would help me out as an adult. Living in the house for about 18 years, I used what I learned while sitting on that couch listening to Alex, and found a job that “suits” me. As you may have discerned, I also learned an array of horribly awesome “dad jokes”.

Technology is a topic that I enjoy in both work and my free time. Whether its figuring something out in Illustrator or Photoshop or cutting an audio file, I can never get enough. The best part of computer applications and other areas of technology is that the possibilities are endless. Once a particular area is mastered, something new comes out and creates a new path to more knowledge.
Outside of the “office”, there are numerous aspects of the world that pique my interest. Living in Cincinnati doesn’t really help someone who is a huge fan of snow skiing, but when the winter comes along each year, I make it a point to head for the slopes at least a few times. If I told you that I didn’t like much TV, I’d be lying. I am a big fan of many series, as well as the reality shows on stations like History and A&E.
A large amount of what I enjoy about working for Last Call is the social aspect and the connection between the teams, the hosts and the bars. Whether other employees or teams that play Trivia, I have been introduced to many people who I now call friends.