Ellen Wilshire

Coordinator of Productive Badassery

My goal after graduating from college has been to never stop learning. There is a whole big world out there full of endless knowledge and creative development and I want to explore it all. Whether it be personally or professionally, I want to stay on my toes constantly expanding my capabilities.

My campus involvement during my undergraduate career and Northern Kentucky University gave me so much opportunity to explore various positions and appointments, helping me discover different roles I’m interested in aside from my degree in Visual Communication Design. During my last year of school and following graduation I spent two years working as a designer in production. While I’m grateful for quickly finding a position in my field of study, I soon realized how much more I felt I could accomplish outside of design.

Stumbling upon the position of “Coordinator of Productive Badassery” was, without a doubt, intriguing and seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to develop a multitude of skills, from event planning to marketing, while still advancing my proficiency in Graphic Design. Every day is something new and exciting!

When I’m not working, I’m probably exploring. Whether it be a trip to a new city, checking out a random thrift store, or finding something fun to do in Cincinnati, I love spending my time outdoors seeking out what life has to offer!

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