Everyone’s Got An Opinion

It’s Wednesday night.  You and your friends have a standing weekly appointment to dominate and embarrass everyone else at Trivia Night.  This night, however, is different.  Something just doesn’t feel like it normally does.

Too Difficult

Your favorite song of the moment is winding down and the host re-reads the question and reveals the answer.


WHAT?!?!?  Another one wrong???  How is that possible?  This is bull-shit.  Bullshit.  These questions are waaaaaayyyyy too hard.  Who writes this crap?

Your team resolves to get the next one right and then the host reads the next question.

Too Easy

OH, COME ON!!!  How dare the host ask an algae question so easy that the phycologist on your team didn’t even have to think.  These questions are waaaaaayyyyy too easy.


Obviously, the difficulty level of the questions in each show is a delicate balance, as are the categories/topics used.  This balance is something we have worked extremely hard on the past 8 years.  We have people on our Team whose primary job is to make sure that this balance is met day in and day out.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

At Last Call, if we work hard to find the balance in every show, one of the things that is important for us to measure is the perceived difficulty level.  Just because the crowd at your sports bar had an antisocial over the Mos Def question doesn’t mean that the crowd at the live music bar down the street didn’t have a social on it.  Difficulty levels are just that – levels.  They go up and down based on opinion.  And everyone has an opinion.

We Have Ideas–What Are Yours?

It is our job to find ways to address perceived difficulty levels so that people aren’t saying that shows are too easy or too hard.  One idea we have is to begin posting daily nationwide mean and median scores on social media.

What other ideas do you have?  Email me: adam@lastcalltrivia.com.


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