Fall Trivia League Finals Scores 2018

Congratulations to the following teams who will be invited Ludimentis 2019! Invitations for the top 25 teams will be hitting inboxes on Monday, December 17, 2018. If you have any questions, please email brooklynn@lastcalltrivia.com.

Boise – Birth of Venusaur

Cincinnati – Rumpleforeskin

Cleveland – Fat Little Meatballs

Columbus – Torgo

Louisville – Killer Amoeba

Pittsburgh – A Rhesus is my CoPilot

Portland – Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

50 Shades of Grey Matter 70
89.3 Trivia Tuesday 84
A Rhesus is my CoPilot 77
A Series of Tubes 73
Birth of Venusaur 73
Brick 67
Caboose 73
Fat Little Meatballs 68
Forget Me Nows 68
Jerkin w/Jergens 76
Killer Amoeba 75
Menace to Sobriety 67
Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner 78
Pin Pals 77
Quizatz Haderachs 68
Recreational Gynecologists 86
Rocket’s Crew 75
Rumpleforeskin 92
SIDS Vicious and the Babyshakers 77
Starscream 72
The Facts Machine 70
There’s No I in Trivia 68
Torgo 79
Tyrannosaurus Sex 70
Wood for Sheep 67

CityTeam NameRank at Winter FinalsScore at Winter Finals
CincinnatiRecreational Gynecologists286
Cincinnati89.3 Trivia Tuesday384
PortlandNobody Puts Baby in a Corner178
PittsburghA Rhesus is my CoPilot177
CincinnatiPin Pals477
CincinnatiSIDS Vicious and the Babyshakers577
ColumbusJerkin w/Jergens276
LouisvilleKiller Amoeba175
PortlandRocket’s Crew275
BoiseBirth of Venusaur173
LouisvilleA Series of Tubes273
BoiseThe Facts Machine270
Cincinnati50 Shades of Grey Matter770
CincinnatiTyrannosaurus Sex870
ClevelandFat Little Meatballs168
ClevelandForget Me Nows268
BoiseQuizatz Haderachs368
PortlandThere’s No I in Trivia468
BoiseWood for Sheep467
CincinnatiMenace to Sobriety967
Cleveland3 Wise Men366
ClevelandThe April Fools466
ClevelandIs This Speed Dating?565
PortlandMultnomah Village People665
PortlandMore Cow Bell764
CincinnatiQuizzical Therapy1064
PittsburghTeam Staley263
ColumbusLucky Buckeyes363
ColumbusFull Frontal Nerdity463
LouisvilleComing From Behind463
CincinnatiBiotches & Sons1163
CincinnatiWaffle Fries1263
CincinnatiIn the Bag1362
CincinnatiRonaissance Men1461
ClevelandDaycare Fight Club660
PittsburghOne and a Half Lawyers358
ColumbusLegion of Doom558
ColumbusGone to the Dogs658
PortlandThose Idiots Over There858
BoiseDon Quizote657
PortlandQuizzard of Oz1057
PortlandMy Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem1155
ClevelandVoodoo Special752
CincinnatiThe Trivicorns1552
PittsburghHastily Named451
ClevelandI Love Lamp851
ClevelandTummy Sticks951
PortlandThe Salmon of Capistrano1251
CincinnatiSeth & the Fat Men1651
ColumbusMouse Rat749
ColumbusNice Marmot849
LouisvilleRed Hot Trivia Peppers648
PortlandYah Mo Be There1348
PittsburghFighting Doughboys547
BoiseMagnificent Melange747
PortlandFighting Salmon1447
PortlandJehovah Witness Protection Program1547
LouisvilleTable 69846
PortlandUranus Smells Like Farts1646
PortlandBloodbath and Beyond1745
LouisvilleAlways $ in the Banana Stand944
ClevelandNo Body No Crime1144
PortlandThe Waldos1844
LouisvilleRed 51043
ClevelandMocha the Friendly Island Cat1243
CincinnatiMental Hygiene1843
PittsburghThird Place642
PortlandComfortably Dumb1942
PittsburghThe Alt Left840
ColumbusBook Club940
ClevelandMinority Report1340
PortlandCacher in the Why2040
PortlandCareless Whispers2140
PortlandSit Ubu Sit2240
CincinnatiCincy Chili Dogs1939
CincinnatiFlock of Steven Seagals2039
PortlandBrain Damage2339
PortlandTipsy Teetotalers2439
BoiseTrebek’s Rejects838
LouisvilleLeague of Magnificent Bastards1138
BoiseLost Kennedys937
PittsburghFire 100937
PittsburghTeam Revenant East1037
ClevelandFish Have Two Hearts1437
BoiseBrain Drain1036
LouisvillePeriodic Table Dancers1236
LouisvilleWe Suck1336
CincinnatiChocolate is Not a Fruit2236
CincinnatiThe Sorceror’s Stoned2336
ClevelandPorn on the Cob1535
CincinnatiBug in a Cuff2435
CincinnatiTequila Mockingbird2535
CincinnatiThe Foxymorons2635
LouisvilleThe Usurpers1434
ClevelandMike and Bob in the Morning1634
CincinnatiBacchus & Lilly2734
CincinnatiDilly Dilly2834
BoiseHellbent for Pleather1233
LouisvilleLiterally, I Can’t1533
PortlandWe Drink and We Know Things…Hopefully2532
CincinnatiThose Aren’t Pillows2932
ColumbusThe A Team1131
ClevelandReturn of Dap City1731
ClevelandThe Raging Bulldogs1829
ClevelandBrowns in 71928
ClevelandThe Paper Boys2028
PortlandTequila Mockingbird (Growlerie)2728
BoiseSect in the City1327
BoiseIf We Only Had a Brain1426
BoiseTurd Ferguson1526
LouisvilleThe VERY Stable Geniuses1626
BoiseKnights of Ni1625
PortlandBook Hockey2825
ClevelandNot Last Place2124
BoiseMasters of Some1723
BoiseBrain Slugz1821
LouisvilleTrivia Minions1719
ClevelandThe Missing Link2219
ColumbusNew York Purple Mustard1318
LouisvilleBacon Cheesecake1818
BoiseYou’re a Quizzard Harry2018
ClevelandJennings Trebek2318
LouisvilleDrug Dealers1917
LouisvilleFront Yard Sketti Wrestlers2017
LouisvilleIrish We Were Smarter2116
PittsburghLennon McCartney1214
ClevelandTeam Sassy Pants2714
BoiseStinky Pinkies2211
BoiseGuys and Cups237
ClevelandFor the Win287
BoiseWoo Woo241
LouisvillePowers That Be230
LouisvilleResponsibly Crunk240
BoiseWe Treat Objects Like Women250
PortlandDaddy’s Little Swimmers300
PortlandThe Pearsons310

How did your team do at the Fall Finals this year? Which question stood out the most to you? Are there any other charts you’d like to see?


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