Summer Finals 2017 || Saturday, August, 12, 2017

Congratulations to all the teams who competed in the Last Call Trivia League this Summer 2017!

Below this chart, you will find some of our favorite facts and figures from the Finals.

Note: See the list of teams who earned a second round bid to LUDI18 at The official invite and your chance to register for Ludimentis 2018 will arrive in your team captain’s email inbox on Monday, August 21, 2017. 

League #
Team Name
3302Sit Ubu Sit87Portland
316089.3 Trivia Tuesday86Cincinnati
3182Daycare Fight Club83Cleveland
3267Big Bang Gang79Louisville
3179A Rhesus is My Copilot77Pittsburgh
3224The Facts Machine72Boise
3158Mario Speedwagon84Cincinnati
3217Troy Math83Portland
3501Forget Me Nows80Cleveland
3716Dixon Cider80Columbus
3932The Alt Left66Pittsburgh
3589Magnificent Melange64Boise
3273Men in Black84Cincinnati
3227Blind Robin79Cleveland
3817Bleep Blop Bloop76Columbus
3607Helter Skeletor70Louisville
3266Bad OMENs70Portland
3506Marc Summers Children62Pittsburgh
3184Four Simple Minds82Cincinnati
3853You Wanna Pizza This?78Cleveland
3584Lucky Buckeyes76Columbus
3849Milk Was a Bad Choice!61Pittsburgh
3489We Treat Objects Like Women53Boise
3547Bob Ross & the Joys of Painting77Cincinnati
3276Know Nothings77Cleveland
3259Gone to the Dogs68Columbus
3527Heywood Jablowmie66Louisville
3363Cool Kids66Portland
3364Team Staley58Pittsburgh
3667Full Cortex Press48Boise
3850Farging Iceholes77Cincinnati
3521Todd is My Copilot66Louisville
3303Jehovah's Witness Protection Program66Portland
3672Nice Marmot54Columbus
3493Fighting doughboys53Pittsburgh
3593The Eunuch Horns48Boise
3169Recreational Gynecologists77Cincinnati
3439The Bulldogs74Cleveland
3435Go Big or Go Home64Louisville
3395Buster's Poindexters63Portland
3251Serenity Now51Columbus
3173Team Revenant40Pittsburgh
3291Larry's Homework76Cincinnati
3437Big Cans and the Tall Boys73Cleveland
3674Insert Team Name Here64Louisville
3938Quizzard of Oz62Portland
3857The Legion of Doom51Columbus
3571Tula Does the Hula42Boise
3553Hastily Named33Pittsburgh
3367Those Aren't Pillows73Cincinnati
3375Cheese and Crackwhores73Cleveland
3449Killer Amoeba59Louisville
3637The SS Friendship50Columbus
3446Wet Heaves41Boise
3320Tyrannosaurus Sex73Cincinnati
3871Dap City68Cleveland
3459Mediocre Presidents57Portland
3292League of Magnificent Bastards56Louisville
3220Southwest ID Temperance League39Boise
3719Third Place26Pittsburgh
3238Bug in a Cuff70Cincinnati
3192Porn on the Cob63Cleveland
3540Responsibly Crunk56Louisville
3776Les Quizerables55Portland
3373Heavy Weight Champions43Columbus
3322Nad Hammer37Boise
3662Death by Snoo Snoo24Pittsburgh
3247Electric Monks70Cincinnati
3606Lithuanian Militia59Cleveland
3237Red Hot Trivia Peppers47Louisville
3559Book Club39Columbus
3226Smarty Pints35Boise
3242Quiz on My Face50Cleveland
3416My Name Is Still Not Brian48Portland
3350Empty Nesters46Louisville
3763Midas Whale38Columbus
3480Quizatz Haderach34Boise
3931JD Power and Associates10Pittsburgh
3525Gaza Strippers69Cincinnati
3304Jennings Trebek47Cleveland
3234Star Wars Reference47Portland
3823Competitive Assholes41Louisville
3427Double Bogey35Columbus
3921Knights of Ni32Boise
3442Pacific Rim Jobs44Portland
3330Tequila Mockingbird39Louisville
3186OLD MAN33Columbus
3289The Trivicorns68Cincinnati
3757Rural Jurors44Cleveland
3787Bloodbath and Beyond43Portland
3870Sam Seaborn for Congress31Columbus
3476The Kids Who Can't Read Good27Boise
3194Prestige Worldwide66Cincinnati
3159The Paper Boys43Cleveland
3831Crease Violaters43Portland
3277Oprah's Fight Club36Louisville
3754Quiz in My Pants30Columbus
3384Beer Make Smart26Boise
3407American Pale Males63Cincinnati
33413 Wise Men38Cleveland
3352There's No I in Trivia38Portland
3308Always $ in the Banana Stand31Louisville
3190My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't27Columbus
3728Alternative Facts25Boise
3176Ronaissance Men63Cincinnati
3318ziggy stardust36Cleveland
3310Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta36Portland
3440Sweep the Leg31Louisville
3241Pompetus of Love59Cincinnati
3924Ignorant Sluts33Cleveland
3233We're Just Guessin30Portland
3215Coming From Behind29Louisville
3515Turd Ferguson22Boise
3165The Foxymorons57Cincinnati
3458Princess Leia's Buns32Cleveland
3460Fighting Salmon29Portland
3336Buttface Weinerfarts28Louisville
3539Get Schwifty21Boise
3655Boner Police54Cincinnati
3436Voodoo Special30Cleveland
3712The Kids Table19Louisville
3343Lawrence of a Labia53Cincinnati
3668Dr. Sheldon Cooper29Cleveland
3361Big Icecream14Louisville
3820Uncles with Benefits11Boise
3329Free Drinks at the Bar50Cincinnati
3415Death by Misadventure28Portland
3561The Stray Cats27Cleveland
3187Trivia Minions7Louisville
3181I'm With Stupid48Cincinnati
3479The Salmon of Capistrano23Portland
3634Jack Officers19Cleveland
3567Joe Buck Yourself0Louisville
3362Llama Llama Ding Dong47Cincinnati
3734girly geeks19Cleveland
3311Brain Damage17Portland
3370Tequila Mockingbird40Cincinnati
3177My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't9Portland
3744The Winers0Louisville
3399The Riddlers35Cincinnati
3207Friends United in Common Knowledge0Cincinnati
  • The highest score nationwide was an 87 from Sit UBU Sit in Portland.
  • 160 teams participated.
  • The average score was 49.9.
  • The smartest city (i.e., the city with the highest combined score), was Cincinnati with 1,879 points.
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