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The Flex Advantage


9 Reasons Last Call Trivia Flex Is Not Your Average Trivia Night.

Cost Effective


Last Call Trivia Flex is $179.99 per month, which breaks down to $45 per weekly show.

Do it yourself

Don't pay a premium for someone else to do what you can do yourself. Last Call Trivia Flex gives you a library of free resources to run Trivia Night.

Use what you have

Use the resources you already have (sound equipment, staff member to host, Facebook) instead of getting up-charged to use someone else's stuff. Read more below.

Fully Customizable

Trivia Questions

Create a trivia show that is a perfect fit for your customers. Filter by category, difficulty level, and keyword to pick the perfect questions for your customers. Our questions have already been tested on live audiences and only the best are added to the database.


Pick your own host to ensure a great rapport with the players. The most common choice is to have someone on your staff (bartender, hostess, owner, etc) host the show. This person already knows the regulars and is able to keep the show lively and engaging.


Don't pay a premium for someone else to come in and host trivia. Use all the tools at Last Call Trivia Flex to pull together Trivia Night at a fraction of the cost.

You're In Control


With Last Call Trivia Flex, you aren’t at the mercy of anyone else's schedule. Want to reschedule your trivia because of a big game? Go for it!

Theme Night

Want to have a movie themed trivia the week before the Oscars? Great idea! ​

Private Events

Need to schedule an additional pop up show for a private party? No problem! Flex gives you the ability to create your own trivia nights with endless possibilities.

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