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Trivia shows are a great event for fundraisers! Trivia will keep your guests entertained and engaged, while providing you with the flexibility to add announcements, raffles, or breaks between rounds. And best of all, a happy guest is a generous guest!

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Perfect, ready-made shows available for immediate download:

Flex offers an assortment of ready made theme shows including Harry Potter, sports, general knowledge and more. Each show was composed by our staff of expert writers and is available for immediate download, allowing you to receive all the materials for your trivia show in a matter of seconds. For a full list of available theme shows, click here. Purchasing a ready-made show is a quick and easy way to set your fundraiser up for success!

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a simple, starter Trivia Night, we recommend the General Knowledge package for $19.99

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Dedicated customer support assistance:

Whether you have questions regarding running the trivia show itself, or are looking for tips and tricks for maximizing the fundraising opportunities during your event, our customer support team is happy to assist. Let us help you make your event a hit!

We’ve got an amazing team and over ten years experience in the Trivia industry! Get to know us.

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Fully customizable experience:

Run your trivia show at a pace that allows you to accomplish your goals. Whether that means taking extra time between rounds to raffle off prizes, bringing in a celebrity host, or adding a costume contest, Flex gives you the ability to tailor your event to fit your needs!

Bonus: Included with your download are free tools and tips including a host script and much more!

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The Best's Affordable:

Flex shows are a fraction of the cost of what most trivia companies charge for private events. Don’t blow your budget having another company host your trivia show, let Flex help you keep that money where it matters!

Fundraiser: Children’s Literacy Program

Children’s Literacy Program

Trivia Show: Harry Potter
Host: Local teacher/professor
Featured raffle item: Signed copy of a bestselling novel
Supplemental Donation: Book drive
Fun Activity: Costume contest
Buy Harry Potter Trivia $89.99

Fundraiser: Local Sports League

Local Sports League

Trivia Show: Sports
Host: Current/former player
Featured raffle item: Tickets to a sporting event
Supplemental Donation: Split the pot
Fun Activity: Vote for best team name
Buy Sports Trivia $69.99

Fundraiser: Food Kitchen

Food Kitchen

Trivia Show: General Knowledge
Host: Top donor
Featured raffle item: Private cooking class
Supplemental Donation: Canned goods drive or bake sale
Fun Activity: Wine and cheese pairing
Buy General Trivia $19.99
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If you’d like to talk about your fundraiser with us, feel free to call, text, or email us by using the form below. We’d love to talk about how to help make your event a success.

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