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We hire writers from around the world who create carefully worded trivia questions. They are accurate, fun, and range from easy to hard. That is how you create the perfect Trivia show.


The result of more than 10 years of research and development, the Flex game format is designed to optimize bar profitability and player experience.


Flex provides all the tools, resources, support, and development you need to take your business to the next level.


Generate a show with the click of a button or filter questions by category, keyword, and difficulty level in our patent pending Show Builder. ​


Over 50,000 trivia questions are at your fingertips. Flex also remembers which questions you've used in the past, so you don't have to keep track.


Questions are added to the database every day. Trivia questions sometimes change, and our writers regularly check our questions for accuracy.

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All your Flex Questions, answered

Last Call Trivia Flex is a monthly subscription service. No contracts. No signup fees. No cancellation fees.

Canceling is easy and there are no-questions-asked. it’s done online through the account settings tab in your dashboard.

Absolutely! you can host your trivia nights whenever you want. best practice is to pick a night and stick with it to build a consistent crowd. but, if the super bowl happens to fall on your normal sunday trivia night, you can move that week’s trivia night to any day you’d like.

We have a writing team from around the world that regularly submits trivia questions. These questions are then vetted to check everything from accuracy to grammar to wording. All Trivia questions are used in live Trivia Nights around the country before being accepted into the Last Call Trivia Flex database.

Our Show Builder is drag-and-drop software that allows you to press one button to auto-fill your Trivia show based on our writing team’s expert formula or gives you the flexibility to choose each Trivia question in your show based on category, keyword, or difficulty level.

We know how tedious it is to find questions that are not too easy, not too hard, and are accurate, relevant, and fun. Let us do the work for you so you can focus on growing your business. Contact us for subscription options.

Tell the bar near you about us or tell us and we’ll contact them for you.

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This year has been hard on all of us and we want to do everything we can to help you get through this difficult time. Our “Pandemic Pricing” of $5 is temporary, but will be available as long as possible. If you need any additional support, please reach out to

$5 / week

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