Go for the Gold with These 3 Olympics Movies

The 2016 Rio Olympics have neared the midpoint. If you’re like me, the Olympics is must-watch TV, but I can only watch so many preliminary qualifying heats before I’m ready for the real drama. You know, like the real drama an Olympic-themed movie might provide. Here’s a look at Dice’s Olympic podium of Olympic movies.


cutting edge_smBRONZE – The Cutting Edge (1992)

The Cutting Edge, starring D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly, shocks 2004’s Miracle and both of Prefontaine movies from the late-90’s to take home the bronze of Dice’s favorite Olympic-themed movies. According to the movie poster it’s “The Ultimate Love/Skate Relationship” and grossed over $25 million at the domestic box office, but loses some luster when considered with the three Cutting Edge sequels.




chariots of fire_smSILVER – Chariots of Fire (1981)

This Oscar-winning Best Picture about two runners at the 1924 Paris Olympics always makes me feel like running… slowly. If you ever hear Dice play The Vangelis’ Academy Award winning theme song at trivia night, you can be sure it’s a track-and-field question and that he only accepts answers turned in slo-mo!





Animalympics_smGOLD – Animalympics (1980)

Starring Billy Crystal and Gilda Radner, this animated feature was originally two separate shorts parodying the Summer and Winter Olympics. After Team USA’s Cold War boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics, Warner Brothers released Animalympics as a feature length direct-to-video film. Far too many memorable moments to list, but the marathon’s beautifully animated and scored intercontinental love story stands out.






What’s your favorite Olympic-themed movie, trivia teams? Leave us a note in the comments!


[Editor’s Note: Before Dice had visions of being a trivia host, he dreamed about winning Olympic gold, but his movie-based training regimen has been scientifically proven to only develop the core muscle groups necessary for trivia glory.]