Last Call Trivia Hints

This Week

Each word represents an answer to a question at a Last Call Trivia show. There are 7 words listed in random order to coincide with each day of the week. Each Last Call Trivia hint will be used once in a show. Good luck!

10/20 – 10/26: Bluebeard, Georgia, Himalayan, Nerfing, Peach, Remus Lupin, and Set

10/13 – 10/19: Homer, Moor, Morocco, Shanghai, Tangiers, Tauros, and Yukon

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You can have your cake and eat it, too! Even as a host for Last Call Trivia, you can continue to play!


Hosts have exclusive access to their own shows and no more, so you are welcome to play as often as you like throughout the rest of the week.


Click the question to display its answer.

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