Introducing Last Call Trivia’s Celebrity Hosts

Introducing Last Call Trivia's finest and most entertaining hosts!

Find these local celebrities at a watering hole near you.

Joey Partee
Phoenix, Arizona (which is more than a desert, by the way) 

Although Joey is relatively new to Last Call Trivia, becoming a host in June 2016, he took on a leadership role very early on and continues to impress. His vast collection and knowledge of music adds to his ability to entertain a crowd. Joey is passionate about everything he does and brings something that can’t be taught to hosting. He puts his whole self into his shows and makes them personal. We are very lucky to have Joey and can’t wait to see what he does next!

  • His family is his wife and 2 daughters.
  • He quit day job and began studying for a Master’s degree.
  • He’s also a musician and enjoys getting on the mic and connecting with people.
  • Subscribe to his YouTube Channel: Daily Vinyl.
  • Find Joey at a live show near you.

Marge and Billy
Louisville, Kentucky

Marge joined Last Call in November of 2015, after moving from Davis, California and we are so lucky to have her! Marge has a laid back personality that allows her to get to know her teams on a personal level in addition to entertaining them on the microphone. Marge made the trip from Louisville to Cincinnati in April 2016 to keep score at Ludimentis, Last Call’s National Trivia Championship. Marge was crucial to our success at Ludimentis and stayed organized and helpful from the minute she arrived. Marge is one of our top hosts in not only Louisville, but also the country.

In August of 2013, Billy joined the Last Call team in Louisville and quickly became a fan favorite of the Trivia teams. In addition to his amazing collection of t-shirts, Billy knows how to make you laugh. His sense of humor is likely the reason that Billy’s shows are consistently some of the best attended in the country. Billy also traveled to Cincinnati for Ludimentis in both 2015 and 2016 to support his teams and help keep score. Billy is always there to help and full of great ideas to improve Last Call’s shows and increase the enjoyment for teams.

John Bromels
Cincinnati, Ohio

John began hosting in September 2015 and how thankful Last Call is to have found this born entertainer! John brought his experience in theater, improv, and game show hosting to Last Call and had the honor of hosting Ludimentis, the National Trivia Championship where over $10,000 was awarded to the top Trivia teams around the country. Behind John’s iconic red mustache lies a man who brings creativity and fun to everything he does. John is often chosen to host events for private groups, companies, and team-building events. He was even the host on Cincinnati’s Fountain Square where he had a record 44 teams playing Feud. If you want to have fun, John is the host to look for!

  • Even as a child, he always wanted to be a game show host (and a Pulitzer prize winning playwright).
  • Find John at a live show near you.

Adrian “Dice” Deiss
Portland, Oregon
Since February 2014, “Dice” has proven over and over again why he is one of Last Call’s finest. He puts as much effort into preparing for his shows by making playlists as he does entertaining his crowds. In addition to hosting 5 nights a week, Dice also helps recruit new hosts for Last Call across the country and writes a weekly blog. Dice’s blogs are always full of information made for Trivia buffs, and could even end up as questions/answers! Dice’s biggest attribute is how much he cares about Last Call and making the teams happy. His unique ideas to improve Last Call continue to make a real difference. Video coming soon.

Van Beechler
Boise, Idaho
Van has been hosting since January of 2014 and has been entertaining her loyal Trivia teams since day one. She even had a menu item named for her at her Monday night show at Sofia’s Greek Bistro! In addition to being a rock star host, Van is fiercely dedicated to the Democratic Party in Idaho, and even served as a Super Delegate at the 2016 DNC in Philadelphia. Van is a natural leader and is a truly the rock for Last Call Boise. The biggest compliment I can give to Van is that she goes out of her way to help those around her, even when she’s not asked to do so and no one is watching. Video coming soon.
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