Introducing, Sugarheels!

Author: Tim Schifle
Topic: Team of the Month

As you saw earlier with Moose Knuckle Sandwich, we will be highlighting one Team of the Month each time around, and for February, I am delighted to introduce Sugarheel out of Cincinnati! In addition to their notable loyalty to Last Call and dedication to our products, we also selected Sugarheel because they fit two fairly unique-but-growing subsets of our fanbase — family teams, and instances where two teams merged their strengths (and names) into one.

Sugarheel got its start when captain Linda sought out a trivia night to help her prepare for a Jeopardy! audition and — joined by her brother, sister-in-law, and niece — they became Tarheel, owing to brother Eric’s obsession with UNC basketball.

Several other members have been added to the Monday/Friday rotation since then, but it wasn’t until they absorbed the last remaining member of Sugarloaf (a former league champion) that the team got a new identity. After giving some credence to Tar Sugar and Pour Some Sugar on My Tarheel, Sugarheel was born.

Among their favorite Last Call experiences over the years are the team’s first league finals (crazy nervous!), its penchant for come-from-behind victories, the jubilation of identifying a musical hint, and the collective surprise of pulling a correct answer out of thin air. And as with many of our regulars, the awesome hosts, camaraderie and competition between the teams, and the “where everybody knows your name” atmosphere are what keep Sugarheel coming back twice a week.

In closing, I would once again like to congratulate Sugarheel for their selection, but no story would be complete without a mention of their Iowan uncle — still kicking at 96 and the only person (or team, to our knowledge) to ace the final question at a recent league tournament.

Sugarheel will soon be taking their talents on a cruise vacation, and we wish them the best of luck on their quest to win a suite upgrade in the onboard trivia contest. Safe travels!

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