Is This Real Life or Just a Fanta Sea?

Before we begin, don’t argue with me about whether sugary, carbonated soda water should be called “soda” or “pop.” We all know it depends on what part of the country you live in. The real argument should be why doesn’t America, nation above nations, leader of the free world, have access to ALL the flavors of Fanta? If you’re lucky, the best a thirsty convenience store customer will find here are the Fanta standards: Strawberry, Orange, and Grape, or maybe one of Fanta’s regional offerings like Apple, Birch Beer, or Cherry Limeade. What about all the other incredible exotic flavors of Fanta available to the international market? Why can’t we have those?

SHOKATA Fanta’s Elderberry and Citrus soda is my personal favorite of any Fanta I’ve tried. I once said Shokata was “like Squirt and Fresca had a baby in my mouth.” Shokata can be imported from Eastern Europe and can be found in the US in some European or specialty markets.

MOO-MOO WHITE – That’s right… Fanta and milk in an udderly adorable bottle. Fanta also has flavors called “Strawberry Milk” and “Banana Fermented Milk.”






WHITE PEACH AND MANGOSTEEN Paired with delicious white peach, this tropical fruit soda’s subtle taste comes from slow-growing trees that can grow to over 80-feet tall. This newer Fanta flavor is available only in Albania and Bulgaria.

FUNKY LEMON Unfortunately only available only in Japan, Fanta’s Funky Lemon looks like it might be extra good for you with a boost of Vitamin C!

MUSHROOM Nope. Nuh-uh. I once tried Jones’ Soda’s Thanksgiving “Gravy” soda. Lesson learned…

USA HIP-HOP Reports are that this Japanese-exclusive tastes less like success and money and more like fruit punch.

SPIDER CHOCOLATE ORANGE Another milky trend in the exotic soda universe, a “Spider” is a blend of a soda and dairy to make a kind of soda-shake. Fanta’s limited-edition Halloween flavor is a combination of Fanta Orange with chocolate dairy product that according to one reviewer, “looks somewhat palatable…smells completely different than it tastes…and was almost redeemed by the lingering aftertaste of candy you didn’t like in the first place.”

BITTER SODA Libya’s only Fanta drink apparently tastes exactly how it sounds. Bitter.

MADNESS Sadly not ska-flavored, this can be either a grape or blood orange flavored soft drink depending on what country you are in.

PIÑA COLADA Rum, coconut, and pineapple in a fizzy soda… sign me up! Available in Morocco, Taiwan, Tunisia, and in the greatest single flavor of Slurpee at 7-11s across the United States!

Let us know what your favorite soda pop is in the Comments section.

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