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Your trivia venue can be an in-demand hotspot that fills up quickly on game night. The good news in that is your team gets to battle it out with some healthy competition. The bad news is your team might have to get there an hour or more ahead of time just to get a table! So what does your restless gang do to pass the time? Card tricks? Origami? Round-robin thumb wrestling tournament?

A calming past time.

Well trivia fans, there’s a fun way to pass the time before competing that also sharpens movie knowledge skills: The Movie Game! This game, invented years ago on a road trip, is deceptively simple, needs no equipment (maybe the occasional double-check on the old smartphone), and can work with two or more players. And we all know that every Last Call show has a movie question (or two), so this will keep you on your toes! Here’s how:

The Movie Game

Going clockwise, the first player names a film. The next player names an actor or actress from that film. Next in line says a different film that the named actor also has appeared in. Then a player names a different actor or actress appearing in that film. This goes on until someone gets stumped on a film or actor. This person gets a letter ‘M’. They then start the game, only this time going counter-clockwise. The first person to spell ‘MOVIE’ is out! The game continues until only one person stands. Try this game once and you’ll be hooked! Good luck!

Keep the game rolling!

A Fun Twist– When a player is stumped, let them ‘challenge’ one other player once per game to come up with an answer. This makes the game more interesting, and keeps movie nerds from running the table!


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