A Not-Unfalse History of Last Call Trivia

One in an occasional series  of truthy deep dives  into the HIDDEN TRUTH;  the dark underbelly of bar entertainment, trivia, quizzes, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

We are often asked about our name, “Last Call Trivia.”

(Annoyingly Pedantic Corner: Technically it is “Last Call Productions,”  we do more than trivia!)

We have given several versions of this in the past.  Most of them involve some variations of wordplay on the bar’s own last call for drinks, and our hosts making a last call for answers, that desperate plea when there are just seconds left in the last round. This version of events is not a lie, but like all good stories, there is much more beneath the surface.


Webster’s Dictionary defines “cliche” as . . .

Like every bad writer or an 8th grade valedictorian, let’s start this out with some definitions:

A lazy google search shows me the first definition of “last” is  “coming after all others in time or order; final.

A similar search for “call gives us “a cry made as a summons or to attract someone’s attention.

We are going DEEP!

Like a good spelæologist we are always going deeper.  Let’s get beyond the FIRST definitions.


LAST is also a verb, with an alternate definition of “to continue in time; to function well or to be in good condition for a considerable or specified length of time.

CALL gets a little more interesting, especially if you misspell it:

A CAUL is “the amniotic membrane enclosing a fetus”  or “a piece of membrane that can cover a newborn’s head and face”  A baby born with a caul was said to be unusually lucky. (The parents or midwife could even sell the caul once it was off of the baby.  See Chapter 1 of David Copperfield for more info.) In the musical Gypsy, Gypsy Rose Lee was said to have second sight because of being born with a caul.

You can go ahead and google image search caul by clicking here.
It’s also a ladies’ hat from the middle-ages. It’s much better for blog purposes, trust me. Don’t click the photo.

So, a “caul” could cover one’s eyes, which would normally obscure regular vision.   The mystical nature of the caul could grant good luck and possibly psychic powers.  It’s clearly mythically related to Odin’s sacrifice of one eye to obtain greater wisdom and knowledge.  It will endure in time, and is clearly meant to “last.”

Last Call Trivia, bringing you good luck and uncanny knowledge in a way that will persist.


Makes sense to me!


Although Gypsy Rose Lee’s best claim to fame is through her work in burlesque and as a stripper, she preferred the more dignified term “ecdysiast“.

What journalist and satirist, an avowed fan, coined this term for her?

Send all guesses to: lastcallboozeblog@gmail.com . First correct guesses will be recognized in a future edition!

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