The antithesis to Last Call Trivia, Last Call Feud is a play on the iconic television show. Like the show, you must identify the most popular surveyed answer for points. Unlike the show, our format can accommodate far more than two teams.  


Quick Points

Free To Play

It is always free to play Last Call Trivia. Please patronize the bar or restaurant where you are enjoying Trivia Night.

Find A Show

There are Last Call Feud shows all over the country. Find a show near you by checking out the map, filtering results, or browsing the schedule page.

Be the Survey

Become part of the show by filling out surveys at


Last Call Feud is specifically designed to be a spirited competition and NOT a school exam. Each show lasts approximately two hours and is filled with excitement, entertainment, and your favorite music between questions. 


Last Call Feud’s format is 6 rounds of questions with 3 questions in each round. In between each round, there’s a bonus question, a halftime question, and, at the end of the game, a final question.

Sample Feud Questions

Feud League

The Last Call Feud League, currently hosted in Cincinnati, Ohio, is about getting together with your friends every week to play Feud. It’s your standing appointment of fun. Climb the scoreboard, compete against other teams in your area, and battle it out at the tournaments for the chance to win huge cash prizes.

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You can still get the Trivia you love with any of our events. If you’re able to host an in-person event, schedule a Private Event. To get a unique Trivia experience from anywhere in the world with friends, family, coworkers, or special groups, check out our Virtual Events.