Are you sure you have the right league number?

Okay, teams. It’s time for a little confession.

We’ve managed to make the leagues a bit confusing. 

This is especially true in regard to league numbers. In order to straighten it all out, we’re writing this little article. It’s time to get all of your questions answered, so let’s dive in.

The History of League Numbers

League numbers were invented in oh, I don’t know, about 2013. The Last Call team needed a way to identify teams that weren’t always Trivia Newton Jon, Jennings Trebek, and Tequila Mockingbird. BONUS: Teams would have the flexibility to change their names as often as they wanted. League numbers made everything work perfectly.

Until one day, we discovered our website was littered with Trivia teams and, frankly, a bit difficult to manage. Some teams had played for multiple seasons, some hadn’t logged a score in months. We soon learned that the best way to keep the website tidy (and accurate), was to delete teams at the end of a league season.


What Number Does Your League Number Start With?

This warranted a great little system where all league numbers started with the same digit in correspondence to the calendar year:

1000’s – 2015 League

2000’s – 2016 League

3000’s – 2017 League

Isn’t that fantastic? Well, it is if you’re a data-obsessed, organization freak like me. When I see a team’s league number, I know exactly with whom I’m dealing.

I wish the story ended there, folks. Unfortunately, I haven’t even gotten to the complicated part, yet.


Ludimentis Changed Everything

Let’s talk a step back and talk about Ludimentis for a moment. (If this is the first time you’ve heard that word, check out this link and join us after you’ve caught up). Ludimentis was created with the goal of bringing together the best and brightest trivia teams from all over the country. Teams would compete from the beginning of a calendar year until the very end, throughout three league seasons: Winter, Summer, and Fall. We’d use a bid system to invite the best teams from each of those Finals and invite them to Ludimentis the following April.

It started to get a little murky, but we still had a handle on things.


Case Study

So now, here’s what you have: Teams with league numbers from the Winter League 2017 are playing with league numbers in the 3000’s and getting bids to Ludimentis 2017 (April 29, 2017) from their placement in the 2016 league tournaments, when their league number started with a 2.

To break that down for you:


Years, Leagues, and Ludimentis

Year/League SeasonLeague NumberLudimentis Bid

But, you’re Trivia players. You’re smarty pants. You can handle this, right?



The moral of this story? There isn’t one. We’re talking about Trivia here. But, if you wanted to be a know-it-all about the Last Call Trivia leagues, you just read the right article.

Keep your head on straight, Trivia teams. If you’re playing in the seasonal league tournaments, make sure to play with correct league number.

Just Remember: It’s 2017, so you should be playing with a number that starts with 3.

Questions? Email or comment below.