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Here at Last Call, we specialize in live bar trivia.  We probably do a show somewhere near you.  Our questions run the gamut, including television, history, music, science, food, potent potables, and more.  Our writers make it a point to come up with new and interesting questions, every day, every week.

Although we run live bar trivia, and our staff LIVES bar trivia, we seem to have a decided lack of trivia questions about bars.  I don’t know if I can single-handedly fix that, but I hope I can plant some seeds that might germinate into future questions.  
You probably have some idea of what a “bar” is, either from watching popular television shows, or possibly from attending one of our shows.

I figured that more information could be found on the internet.

I started on Wikipedia, of course.

I typed in “bar” and was rewarded with a ton of information.

DID YOU KNOW that in addition to being a beloved community watering hole, a bar is ALSO:

a term for the legal profession,

one of the most widely used rifles in the 20th century,

a unit to measure air pressure,

a Turkish folk dance,

a river in France,

a city in Ukraine,

a town in Montenegro,

three villages in Iran (each hundreds of miles apart from the rest),

and also the name of villages in Tibet, Hungary, and France.


There’s also gold bars, chocolate bars, bars of soap, bars of music, xanax bars, oxygen bars, bar graphs, ballet barres,  Epstein-Barr syndrome, and Rosanne Barr.

It’s a place we want to enter, but is a verb that means “to block the way.

You can raise the bar, lower the bar, or pass the bar.

Don’t try to rob one, or you could wind up behind bars.


If that happened, you’d be considered some sort of barbarian.

Our favorite barbarian

TRIVIA – According to the “Stranger,” sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes he eats you.

Q: Which state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife offered a “Black Bear Recipe Guide” as a downloadable PDF on their website in 2014?

CONGRATULATIONS to Melanie Popesco, who knew that Angus Jones was the Charlie Sheen television co-star that had a part in the other Rookie film.

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