Official Announcement of 3rd Round Bids for Ludimentis 2017

All of the teams listed below have earned bids to Ludimentis 2017 from the Fall League Finals Tournament.

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Invitations are going out to all team captains via email on December 19, 2016. RSVPs are due January 19, 2017. See the official list of registered teams here. Questions? Email

Congratulations to your eight City Tournament Champions!

CityTeam NameScore
PortlandBad OMENs88
CincinnatiDong of the Dead87
LouisvilleSweep the Leg86
ColumbusDr Huxitable’s Sleep Study85
ClevelandMoose Knuckle Sandwich84
BoiseWet Heaves83
PittsburghA Rhesus Is My CoPilot83
PhoenixLil Lebowski Urban Ach70

Note: some of the teams above have already secured bids in previous Tournament Finals. The team with the next highest overall score will be invited in their place.

The following teams had the remaining Top 25 highest scores at the City Tournament Fall Finals.

PortlandSpace Jam86
CincinnatiTyrannosaurus Sex85
PortlandThe Hosers85
ClevelandPorn on the Cob83
ColumbusPlural Rural Jurors82
LouisvilleHelter Skeletor81
Cincinnati89.3 Trivia Tuesday81
Portland.666 Number of the Millibeast81
PortlandJehovah’s Witness protection program81
PortlandThere’s No I in Trivia81
ClevelandPrincess Leia’s Buns80
ColumbusGone to the Dogs80
BoiseWe Treat Objects Like Women79
ClevelandJennings Trebek79
CincinnatiThat’s What She Said79
CincinnatiWaffle Fries79
PortlandF Your I79
BoiseSW Idaho Temperance League78
BoiseThe Cunning Linguists78
BoiseTula Does the Hula78
PittsburghTeam Staley77

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See the full list of competing teams at the Last Call Trivia Fall Finals…

Team Name
PortlandBad OMENs881
CincinnatiDong of the Dead871
LouisvilleSweep the Leg861
PortlandSpace Jam863
ColumbusDr Huxitable's Sleep Study851
CincinnatiTyrannosaurus Sex852
PortlandThe Hosers854
ClevelandMoose Knuckle Sandwich841
BoiseWet Heaves831
PittsburghA Rhesus Is My CoPilot831
ClevelandPorn on the Cob832
ColumbusPlural Rural Jurors823
LouisvilleHelter Skeletor812
Cincinnati89.3 Trivia Tuesday813
Portland.666 Number of the Millibeast816
PortlandJehovah's Witness protection program817
PortlandThere's No I in Trivia818
ClevelandPrincess Leia's Buns803
ColumbusGone to the Dogs804
BoiseWe Treat Objects Like Women792
ClevelandJennings Trebek794
CincinnatiThat's What She Said795
CincinnatiWaffle Fries796
PortlandF Your I799
BoiseSW Idaho Temperance League783
BoiseThe Cunning Linguists784
BoiseTula Does the Hula785
PittsburghTeam Staley772
ClevelandBlind Robin775
LouisvilleKiller Amoeba763
ClevelandThe Paper Boys766
BoiseQuizatz Haderachs756
CincinnatiTongue Punch My Fartbox757
ColumbusJerkin' With Jergins745
BoiseDouble Thumbs Up747
CincinnatiSIDS Vicious and the Babyshakers748
CincinnatiThe Foxymorons749
PortlandE Equals MC Hammer7411
PortlandStar Wars Reference7412
PortlandJake Dalton's Biceps7313
ClevelandThe Stray Cats727
PortlandSit Ubu Sit7214
LouisvilleComing From Behind714
BoiseProducts of Public Education718
PortlandThe Salmon of Capistrano7115
PhoenixLil Lebowski Urban Ach701
ColumbusOedipus and the Shiny Knobs706
ColumbusPunk Ass Book Jockeys707
ClevelandDaycare Fight Club699
BoiseThe Knights of Ni699
CincinnatiRecreational Gynecologists6911
CincinnatiSeth and the Fat Men6912
LouisvilleNo! I Won't Go To Your Party685
ClevelandGoon Squad6810
PittsburghOhio in 1803673
PittsburghTeam Revenant674
ClevelandBanatalie Portman6711
ClevelandVoodoo Special6712
PortlandAggressive Caress6716
PortlandMy Couch Pulls Out But I Don't6717
LouisvilleTequila Mockingbird666
CincinnatiToo Soon?6614
Cleveland3 Wise Men6513
CincinnatiI'm With Stupid6415
PortlandYah Mo Be There6419
CincinnatiGaza Strippers6316
CincinnatiSquirrel Monkeys6317
PortlandThe People with the Baby6320
PittsburghHastily Named625
BoiseWe May Be Stupid6211
LouisvilleOperah's Fight Club618
LouisvilleRicky Bobby's609
ColumbusThe Finger Game609
ClevelandCountry Blumpkins5914
ClevelandThe Leftorium5815
CincinnatiBob Ross & the Joys of Painting5818
BoisePlan B Team All Stars5712
ClevelandChannel 4 News Team5716
PortlandTroy Math5721
ClevelandCharles Barkley5617
ClevelandVirginia Teen Woolf5618
CincinnatiLarry's Homework5619
LouisvilleLeague of Magnificent Bastards5510
ClevelandAxis of Evil '455519
ColumbusMy Couch Pulls Out But I Don't5311
PortlandLos Cambas5222
LouisvilleLiterally, I Can't5111
LouisvilleThe Little Engine5112
ClevelandSkis & Krauts5121
PortlandMediocre Presidents5123
PortlandNerds of a Feather5124
PhoenixBad Robot504
ColumbusBrodors Before Hodors5012
CincinnatiTequila Mockingbird4920
PortlandTequila Mockingbird4825
ColumbusCoon & Friends4713
BoiseFull Cortex Press4714
ColumbusMassive Dynamic 24714
BoiseSmarty Pints4715
BoiseBeer Make Smart4716
ClevelandBecause we Suck at Volleyball4722
PortlandChicken Dinner4726
PortlandSmarty Pints4727
LouisvilleRed Hot Trivia Peppers4613
ClevelandBig Cans & The Tall Boys4623
BoiseSect in the City4517
BoiseUrethera Franklin4518
CincinnatiThe Trivicorns4521
CincinnatiThose Aren't Pillows4522
CincinnatiTrivia Newton John4523
LouisvilleGeorge Jefferson Community College4414
LouisvilleBig Bang Gang4315
BoiseTurd Ferguson4319
ColumbusThe A Team4215
ClevelandAbsent Minded4224
Cincinnati50 Shades of Grey Hair4124
LouisvilleDrunk MBA4016
LouisvilleGo Big or Go Home3918
BoiseMultiple Scoregasms3920
ClevelandAbove the Law3925
CincinnatiGood Neighbors3825
ColumbusLegion of Doom3617
ClevelandGreyhound Farts3626
CincinnatiLaw and Order3626
LouisvilleResponsibly Crunk3519
BoiseWilling and Able3422
ColumbusBook Club3318
BoiseHalf Baked3223
Boise2C Goosey3124
BoiseLeague of Shadows3125
PittsburghBring Back Buffalo Fries306
LouisvilleJoe Buck Yourself2820
ColumbusDouble Bogey2719
ClevelandHoes from Different Area Codes2729
LouisvilleDirty Mike and The Boys2621
BoiseBrain Slugz2627
PortlandWe're Just Guessing2629
BoiseJ Squared2528
BoiseChick Filatio2329
CincinnatiMental Hygiene2329
CincinnatiAdrian Peterson's Daycare2130
Columbusragga moose1920
LouisvilleEmpty Nesters1822
LouisvilleMoyors of Flavortown1623
ColumbusOLD MAN1521
LouisvilleAlways Money in the Banana Stand1424
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