Meet Adam, Your Host for Ludimentis 2017!

Adam Stone

Introduction by Debbie Gillum
Monday, April 3, 2017

Next month, at Last Call Trivia’s national tournament in Cincinnati, you’ll get to meet your Ludimentis 2017 Host, Adam Stone!

But until then, here are some fun facts about Adam:

  • He’s originally from England, but has lived in Cincinnati since he was a teenager.
  • Adam’s been playing Trivia since 2012 and hosting since 2014.
  • Catch him Monday’s at Northside Tavern and Tuesday’s at Murphy’s Pub.
  • He enjoys watching people immerse themselves in the Trivia.
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“I’ve always loved games in general, but above all I love the relief that Trivia offers people,” he said in an exclusive Last Call Trivia interview. “It seems silly but it’s true; folks get to forget about the problems of the world and stresses of their daily lives for a couple hours, and just enjoy themselves and the people around them.”

Ludimentis players can expect from Adam a lot of interaction, a clear yet energetic voice, lots of jokes, top notch tunes and a good time. He said he doesn’t want to be on a “host pedestal” and wants to work with players.

“I think it’s important to try to understand the players’ frustrations and show that you can relate,” he said. “It’s easy to play hard-ass judge when you have all the ‘correct’ answers in front of you, but that won’t get you very far.”

Adam is also super excited about the music he’s going to pick at Ludimentis and can’t wait to meet everyone.

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Highlights from Adam’s audition video:

See you in April!