Ludimentis 2015 – NTC Teams

The following teams are confirmed for the National Trivia Championship at Ludimentis 2015. They have earned a bid in the City Tournaments in Summer 2014 and Fall 2014. All other activities at Ludimentis are free and open to the public.

89.3 Trivia Tuesday Cincinnati
Above the Law Cleveland
alternate detour Cincinnati
Amanda Hugenkiss Cincinnati
Amy’s Cupcakes Cincinnati
Bazinga Cleveland
Big Bertha’s Glitter Factory Cincinnati
BigMcLargeHuge Cincinnati
Blind Robin Cleveland
Bob Ross & the Joys of Painting Cincinnati
Boss Squad Cincinnati
Camelfinger Cleveland
Cuba Pudding Jr. Cincinnati
Duke Silver Trio Louisville
Everlong Erection of Bolton Columbus
Forget Me Nows Cleveland
Free Pretzels Cincinnati
Friends United in Common Knowledge Cincinnati
Goatface Killaz Cincinnati
Going Solo/987 MacNubbit Pittsburgh
Hello Pants Cincinnati
I’m Ron Burgundy? Cleveland
I Just Blue Myself Cincinnati
In The Bag Cincinnati
Juan Direction Cleveland
Little Lebowski Urban Achievers Phoenix
KITTENS Cincinnati
McPoyle Brothers Cincinnati
Messin with Sasquatch Cincinnati
Mickbastards Cincinnati
Minotaur Cincinnati
Mooseknuckle Sandwich Cleveland
Never Surrender Cincinnati
The Oneders Cincinnati
Play Free Nerd Cincinnati
Plural Rural Jurors Columbus
Red Hot Trivia Peppers Louisville
Rock, Paper, Syphilis Cincinnati
Rocket Surgeons Columbus
Ronaissance Men Cincinnati
Rubik’s Pube Cincinnati
Sharknado 4: Curse of Sharknado Island Cleveland
Shortneckrophikiacs Cincinnati
Skis and Krauts Cleveland
Smells Like Updog in Here Cincinnati
Sugarheel Cincinnati
Tag Team Louisville
Tequila Mockingbird (CIN) Cincinnati
The B Team Cincinnati
The Buttchuggers Cleveland
The Guild Cincinnati
The Russians Columbus
Those Aren’t Pillows Cincinnati
thirdbacknipple Cleveland
Torgo Columbus
Trivia Crushers Cincinnati
Trivial Beersuit Cincinnati
Tyrannosaurus Sex Cincinnati
Voodoo Special Cleveland
WhiskeyPedia Cleveland
You Lose! Good Day Sir! Cincinnati

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