Ludimentis 2015 Top Finishers

Congratulations to our Top 20 finishers at Ludimentis 2015.  See all the fun we had here: Ludimentis 2015 Facebook Album

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84Torgo – $6,000 – Last Call Trivia National Champions
82Tyrannosaurus Sex – $3,000
80Going Solo/987 MacNubbit – 3rd Place Tie-Breaker Winners – $1,000
8089.3 Trivia Tuesday
78Amy’s Cupcakes
77Mooseknuckle Sandwich
76The Russians
75Hello Pants
75The Oneders
69I Just Blue Myself
67Those Aren’t Pillows
66Plural Rural Jurors
65Everlong Erection of Bolton
63Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
61Trivia Crushers
58Play Free Nerd
58Sharknado 4: Curse of the Sharknado Island
56Rubik’s Pube