Ludimentis 2018


Ludimentis, our take on the Latin phrase "Game of the Mind", is the premiere, invite-only, nationwide trivia competition in America.

As you walk into the gigantic exhibition hall at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Downtown Cincinnati, you can sense the electricity of anticipation. Teams in matching T-shirts with wickedly clever names huddle around one another and carefully discuss each answer. They duel with their minds in this ferocious battle of the brains to become the Winning Ludimentis Team!

Important Dates

Prize Pool

The Champion Prize Pool is $10,000

1st Place – $6,000
2nd Place –  $3,000
3rd Place – $1,000

Bonus Question Prizes – $300 each

Event Details


Duke Energy Convention Center
525 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Junior Ballroom (3rd Floor)


Saturday, April 28, 2018
Tournament: 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Registration: 11:00am – 1:45pm

Survivor Trivia: 1:00pm – The one, the only, SOLO show. Miss a question, you’re out. Last one standing wins.

Ludimentis Entry

$60 Entry Fee | Invite-Only

Teams competing in the Winter League (2017), Summer League (2017), and Fall League (2017), will be in the running to qualify for Ludimentis 2018. At each Finals tournament, bids will be awarded to:

  1. The 8 city champions (AKA 1st place winners)
  2. Teams with the top 25 scores nationwide

Want to know who will be there this year? See the list of teams who are competing for $10,000 and the title of the best Trivia team in the nation.

Official List of Teams 2018

Team Name
33413 Wise Men72RED
316089.3 Trivia Tuesday 81RED
3179A Rhesus is My Copilot76RED
3203American GreenRED
3407American Pale Males 72RED
3541Batten Down The Snatches 77RED
3239Because We Suck at Volleyball67RED
3267Big Bang Gang79RED
3437Big Cans & The Tall Boys72RED
3817Bleep Blop Bloop76RED
3655Boner Police54RED
3172Bridgetown BansheesRED
3375Cheese and Crackwhores73RED
3215Coming From Behind29RED
3269Crazy Jump! 66RED
3212Cypher Siphon22RED
3871Dap City68RED
3182Daycare Fight Club84RED
4107Drug Dealers52RED
3247Electric Monks70RED
3350Empty Nesters46RED
3494Enchilada Iguana42ORANGE
3850Farging Iceholes77ORANGE
4156Fire 10056ORANGE
3501Forget Me Nows80ORANGE
3184Four Simple Minds82ORANGE
3329Free Drinks at the Bar 66ORANGE
3373Full Frontal Nerdity68ORANGE
3398Fuzzy Lop Factory37ORANGE
3525Gaza Strippers69ORANGE
3435Go Big Or Go Home38ORANGE
3259Gone to the Dogs68ORANGE
3553Hastily Named33ORANGE
3607Helter Skeletor70ORANGE
3627I Just Blue Myself 74ORANGE
3319In the Bag65ORANGE
3931JD Power and Associates10ORANGE
3285Joe's Stones44ORANGE
3449Killer Amoeba80ORANGE
3291Larry's Homework76ORANGE
3343Lawrence of a Labia43ORANGE
3292League of Magnificent Bastards56ORANGE
3776Les Quizerables55ORANGE
3189Literally, I Can't65ORANGE
3606Lithuanian Militia59GREEN
3158Mario Speedwagon84GREEN
3188Menace to Sobriety 66GREEN
3849Milk Was a Bad Choice!61GREEN
3438Mooseknuckle Sandwich85GREEN
3672Nice Marmot68GREEN
3851Party of 724GREEN
3287Pecan Sandies65GREEN
3241Pompetus of Love59GREEN
3192Porn on the Cob70GREEN
4116Powers That Be39GREEN
3194Prestige Worldwide 72GREEN
3458Princess Leia's Buns32GREEN
3169Recreational Gynecologists 71GREEN
4035Red 527GREEN
3237Red Hot Trivia Peppers47GREEN
3540Responsibly Crunk56GREEN
3757Rural Jurors44GREEN
3870Sam Seaborn for Congress71GREEN
3302Sit Ubu Sit87GREEN
3699Solo Act28GREEN
3662Steel Tigers24BLUE
3440Sweep the Leg73BLUE
3830Teach Me How 2 Dougie49BLUE
3173Team Revenant40BLUE
3330Tequila Mockingbird68BLUE
3370Tequila Mockingbird 79BLUE
3932The Alt Left66BLUE
3439The Bulldogs74BLUE
4057The Chesapeake Baes43BLUE
3599The Finger Game31BLUE
3857The Legion of Doom51BLUE
3399The Riddlers35BLUE
3289The Trivicorns 76BLUE
3367Those Aren't Pillows 75BLUE
3294Trivia Newton Jon36BLUE
3320Tyrannosaurus Sex 87BLUE
3171Valley Boyz24BLUE
3436Voodoo Special72BLUE
3428Waffle Fries38BLUE
3509Wasted Talent80BLUE
3362We Drink and We Know Things47BLUE
3853You Wanna Pizza This?78BLUE
5000Z – ReservedRED
5000Z – ReservedRED
5000Z – ReservedORANGE
5000Z – ReservedORANGE
5000Z – ReservedGREEN
5000Z – ReservedGREEN
5000Z – ReservedBLUE



There is ample parking surrounding the Duke Energy Convention Center. Garages on Sixth Avenue are closest to the entrance to the Junior Ballrooms.

Ludimentis Parking

Downtown Food & Drink
Within short walking distance of the DECC:

Plum Street Cafe – 423 Plum St
Kitty’s Sports Grill – 218 W 3rd St
The Blind Pig – 24 W 3rd St
Americano Burger Bar – 545 Race St

Worth the hike:

Lachey’s – 56 E. 12th St
Kaze Restaurant – 1400 Vine St
Taft’s Ale House – 1429 Race St
Christian Moerlein Malt House – 1621 Moore St
Jack Casino Rock Bar – 1000 Broadway St


More about our beloved Downtown Cincinnati.

Join the Ludimentis community online by using #LUDI18



Email or find us on Facebook at

See you at Ludimentis 2018!

Spectator Section

Those who wish to come and support their friends and family competing in the National Trivia Championship will be welcome at the Spectator Section. Spectators are allowed play along with the show. Please note, spectators will not be permitted to talk to anyone participating in Ludimentis outside of the halftime break and before or after the show.

Our vision at Last Call Trivia in creating Ludimentis is to celebrate a spirit of community. Part of that community is looking outward in work and life, leveraging our company’s growth for good, and offering our loyal teams reputable and honorable opportunities to make a difference.

The Alzheimer’s Association is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the care, support, and research of Alzheimer’s and other dementias.  The organization was founded in 1980 and reaches millions of people across the world who are affected by one of the most critical public health issues in our country.  Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia that affects memory, behavior and cognitive functions in individuals older than 65 years. It is especially debilitating because the symptoms worsen over time and has become the sixth leading cause of death in America.

Did you know that every 66 seconds, someone in America develops Alzheimer’s? Today, 1 in 3 seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.

But all hope is not lost. Last year, the Alzheimer’s Association helped over 4 million people face the challenges and uncertainties of Alzheimer’s disease.  They have invested over $25 million in scientific investigations to explore new research. Their research has shown that education in any stage of life will help reduce your risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Furthermore, staying socially engaged may support brain health.

Together, we can support research and patient outreach to care for those affected by this disease and ultimately find a cure.

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