Your 2019 Ludimentis Host

Billy Fulton

This year’s host is the first from Louisville and a long-time friend of Last Call Trivia. You may even recognize him already.

How did you first hear about or get involved with Last Call Trivia?

Billy Fulton: I used to go to a show run by a great host named Woody and he eventually caught on as a Last Call host and our team followed him to his new venue. When he decided it was time to hang up the mic, he asked me if I was interested in being his replacement. The rest, as they say, is history.

What is your favorite thing about Last Call?

BF: I like that Last Call games are set up in such a way to be challenging for league teams and still accessible for first-timers. The games have a great format that’s easy to follow and balanced enough to not be boring.

How long have you been involved in Ludimentis?

BF: I have been at every single Ludimentis is some capacity. The very first year I was running around the Duke Energy Center like a mad man collecting answers and joking with teams and having the time of my life. Since then I’ve been a scorekeeper and last year I was trusted with handling the raffle tickets and presenting those prizes.

What is your favorite part of Ludimentis?

BF: It’s not only a celebration of trivia in general, but of the whole Last Call Nation! I’ve met teams from Phoenix to Portland and Pittsburgh at these events. It’s always so amazing to see people come from far away to play at a huge trivia event like this.

What are you looking forward to as this year’s Ludimentis host?

BF: Well, I am the first Ludimentis host from Louisville! I’m excited to represent my city as the host this year.

How has being involved with Last Call and Ludimentis affected or changed your life?

BF: I’m actually a pretty shy person when I’m not behind the microphone, so hosting with Last Call has gotten me out there and meeting people that I wouldn’t normally have ever been able to introduce myself to. I’m met a lot of friends working with Last Call and I’m forever grateful for that!

Anything else you want to tell us?

BF: I’m just excited for another great Ludimentis, and since I’m the host, I think it’ll be the best one yet (insert smiley face emoji thing here).

Ludimentis is a game of the mind. It’s a gathering of all of our Trivia lovers from across the country for some good ol’ fashioned competition.

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